In Love With a Monster

"What are you then?" I asked.
"I'm a monster." he said.


5. 5

im gonna start recommending songs for these chapters

Song: Counting Stars ~ One Republic


***Liliana's POV***

  I woke up the next day in my bed. Last night.... was a lot like a nightmare. It felt like a dream. But part of me knew.. it was more than a dream.. it was real.

           NIGHT BEFORE

***Louis' POV***

Liliana can't know of the events that just happened. While Harry was fighting Zayn, I used my powers to make her pass out. I erased the memory of this nights events si she would only think it was a dream. After Zayn fell unconcious, we left to the farm. It took a while to get there.

 "Should we take turns to watch after her in case she wakes up again?" Harry asked. I simply nodded my head and stood by her while Harry went to get his food. I looked at her. She looked peaceful while she was sleeping. I wish she was a vampire so she could live forever and stay young. Wait, she can become vampire if either me or Harry change her into one! Harry walked over wiping his mouth with his sleeve. He wasn't paying attention.

 "We should turn her to a vampire Harry!" I said and he jumped a bit. "What?! What are you thinking Lou?? Its crazy! We are not gonna change her into one of us... a monster. What if she goes the wrong way and hunt down humans?! What would we do then? We couldn't do anything about it. So the answer is no." Harry replied. "But, it was your idea for me to become a vampire. You also called yourself and I monsters. Harry, the only monsters out there is Zayn's tribe. Zayn, Jake, Alex, Jenneatte, and Ali. She wouldn't turn to them as she just encountered Zayn!" I threw back. "No. Still no. Never, she will NEVER be a vampire!" he said. I sighed and nodded and left to get my food.


***Harry's POV***

Was he crazy to change into on of us?! I mean its a great idea but I don't want what happened to Ali to happen to her.

*1 hr later*

We dropped her off in her room in her bed like she was there the whole time.



**Liliana's POV***

I swear it wasn't just a dream. Just when I walked out the door to go to the car. Someone knocked me out.

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