In Love With a Monster

"What are you then?" I asked.
"I'm a monster." he said.


4. 4

***Liliana's POV***

 I woke up in the middle of the night from a strange noise. I went and looked out my window. A figure rushed past so fast, I couldn't see who or what it was. I opened my window to be hit by the cold breeze flowing by. I put my jacket on and walked out onto the balcony. I started climbing down my tree when something touched my hand. I looked up and saw a man like figure above me. I screamed when I saw his eyes. Red eyes. I let go of the tree and fell onto the grass below me. Pain shot through me. I got up and he was standing in front of me. I ran away as fast as I can. I got like a block away before I was pinned against the brick wall. His red eyes stared right at me.

 "Your afraid I can see." he said. I didn't answer. When I didn't, he laughed. I struggled against his hold, but everytime i moved, he held on harder. At this moment, I thought of the first thing to do. I kicked him in his sensitive spot. He let go and yelped in pain. I ran off again. After a few minutes of running, I stopped. I think i was safe here. I was about to sit down before I heard his voice. i was going to move again, but he held me against the ground. "Now you won't move again. This may hurt." Before anything can happen, he was pulled away.


***Harry's POV***

 Louis and I went out for our late night meal. The wind was moving in the direction of the nearby farm. Then, i smelled a familiar sent with a hint of fear in it. Lili.

"I smell Lili, our neighbor. But, she smells different." Louis remarked. I nodded. "Let's go to her."I said. We went toward her sent. We found her with... Zayn. He was one of the few vampires that eat human blood. I went and pushed Zayn away from her while Louis got Lili.

"Harry, what's your problem? I was having my snack. You go have your own." Zayn said.

"You shouldn't eat humans. Now go away." I said. He shook his head no. He went to Lili and Louis. I didn't want to hurt him but, next thing I knew, he was unconcious.

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