In Love With a Monster

"What are you then?" I asked.
"I'm a monster." he said.


3. 3

***Liliana's POV**

I went home and my brother greeted me at the door. He gave me the normal, wave his hand hi and bye and go away. I went to my room and dropped my bag onto the floor by my door and went to my desk and signed onto twitter on my computer. I saw I got a new follower. Harry. How did he find me? Well, whatever. I looked through twitter and turned my music on. When I was looking through it all, i heard something, or someone fall. I turned and saw my younger sister, Ariana, had fell.

"What?" I asked. I really didn't want to deal with her after what happened yesterday. I found that she was dating my ex, Andrew, behind my back. "I just wanted to apologize for what I did." she responded. Oh, so she thinks I will forgive her... no."Lemme check if I can forgive you... let's see... a no." I fake smiled then looked back at my computer. I assumed she walked out because I didn't hear her again. I closed my twitter and turned my music off to go downstairs. I heard voices in the seating room. My mom never have people over unless it's a meeting with her friends. But it didn't sound like her friends. And they, or him, didn't sound like Daniel's or Ariana's friends.

I peeked in and saw, Harry, with this other guy i didn't know and he wasn't talking, only Harry was. My mom saw me at the entrance and motioned me in. I came in. Harry noticed me and smiled, I smiled back and sat next to my mom. "Hun, this is-" I cut her off before she can go on. "Harry. Yeah, he went to the cafe I work at." i smiled and she nodded. "This is my friend, Louis." Harry pointed out towards the guy sitting next to him. I smiled." Hey I'm Liliana. Nice to meet you Louis." i greeted. "Nice to meet you too, Lili." he smiled politely. We all talked for like 15 more minutes and my mom said they live next door now. Well, I will be seeing them more often.




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