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2. death note


I woke up earlier that morning to make mom breakfast and get to school dressing in a black tail coat white vest and black jeans then I put a cloth mask covering my lower face. I then got my bike and rode to old MK Catholic high school. I was thinking about my dad, he died 4 years ago in service with the UK in some distant place. My goal now is to make the UK Rule. Making it the world order finally.

I got to school went to all my boring classes becoming one with ti shadows as no one really paid attention. It was lunch time. I saw fear in some people hiding in the corner crying. So I went over to inspect the situation. A Guy was trying to comfort a girl. She was weeping like her tears would make rivers.

“Her family was killed in the civil war across the pond. “he said barley looking at me.

I could hear the girl whimper at the sound of the word family.

“What war?” I asked to the guy.

“The civil war that deadlocks started! He made the United States split in to and now their battling at each other. West and east battling each other” he said changing from rage to sadness like he might cry to.

“I understand” I said and I turned around hiding a smirk

“My plan is finally beginning into action” I thought.

I wondered off to the side of the lunch room and started chowing down plotting for more.

I finally made it to 7th period Civics Mr.Xentios.

I sat in my desk as the bell blared. “Tardy Bell” I thought. “Last year civics honor students stay after class, but we need to talk about whats going on in the world today” yelled to the class as he flicked on the television. It was a mandatory screening to students Xentios said but was fading as I was focusing on the single person on the screen. “Kids all over the world chaos is rolling across everything, because they are scared deadlocks is killing important and highly guarded people across the world. That says poor to our security. He killed 300 people yesterday. Making citizens go into anarchy wanting to get away from the government so they don’t get attacked. Russia and Korea have been disbanded making everyone fending for themselves. No one knows who Deadlocks works for but he’s after everyone. At least one person from every country EXCEPT the ones in Europe as been killed. Leading us to think he must be there. Some European countries have be hit its only France, Spain, the UK, Greece and Italy. But in every city in every country. We ARE HAVING investigating groups. Sign up today. It will help track down this killer.” Said the tall man in a black cloak hiding his face.

“Of course he noticed.” I thought.

Then it showed images and of whats been going on for the rest of the period

The bell rang and everyone rushed out of class

“I need to get home” I thought and fled down the steps to the street.

I grabbed my bike and rode home speeding down street after street. Running up steps to the apartment.

I ran inside and searched online Deadlocks search group in London. Finding the right one I phoned them

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