Deaths Slave

When Lauren Prior wakes up two months after her death she is confused. Things get more confusing as she realises that she may have dreamt her death. But then she is visited by a spirit and told of her objectives- now she must murder who she is bid or be tortured- but Lauren has still got her heart and she falls in love with one of her victims!


2. so how did I die?

It's weird the first thing I expect after this waking up is to be hit by the pain of dying, like it wasn't like I had a clean death!

It was a warm autumn day I hung out with my friends Skye and Austin after school. We went to the mall and I was having a very good day, at the time I had a major crush on Austin-he was just perfect with that beach boy spiky auburn hair and his lightly tanned complexion, his sparkly blue eyes always had a cheeky glow and his warm loving stare gave me butterflies he was built but not overly so; he had a light six- pac and his arms were big but he wasn't so ripped that it looked disgusting!- anyway we went and looked through some shops and then we settled down on A bench with iced coffees and just laughed and joked Austin said he had to leave; and well I wish he'd stayed,or I wish maybe Skye could have gone after him !

Austin left his wallet on the bench when he was leaving and Skye told me to run after him, I obligingly jogged after him, saw him cross the road didn't look just jogged across and that's when the bus came round the corner; it hit me and knocked me stone cold into the ground my vision blurred and all I felt was pain maybe a broken bone but nothing major!

someone ran out and carried my body across the road they told me they'd get me a doctor and I thought 'it's going to be ok' but it wasn't! It was about to get so much worse...

I closed my eyes and hugged into my rescuer he smelt like cheap perfume sweat and smoke he kept stroking my face telling me not to worry and I innocently believed him.

He stopped at a door opened it and brought me inside and then he lay me across a table, I still believed he was going to do me some good, be a perfect rescuer, he went into another room and I heard the sound of metal being pulled out of metal like a sword being unshaded I heard him put on the kettle and I relaxed. I shut my eyes and took steady breaths to get rid of the pain. I heard his shuffled footsteps coming up the corridor and I tried to sit up but the pain was unbearable he came over whistling a tune and placed a cup of hot water beside me. He then started to massage my shoulder and I really thought that this was it now I would finnally get better he'd heal my pain. I don't know how I could be so naive.

He coughed and let out a strangled laugh that sounded all together extremely strange his hand slid down my body and started to touch my clothes, I asked him what he was doing I was scared by now I couldn't sit up with all the pain so I kicked out and caught him right between his legs he gasped like he was wounded and bent over I pushed the cup over onto him and some of it burnt me I cried out with the heat and our screams came together in harmony.

My attacker stood up and he pushed my arms away and started to undo my pants he stepped back and slid off his own I screamed! This could not be happening I was about to be molested by a complete stranger he leered over me and with the last of my strength I stood up and pushed him away I swung out a punch and tried to jog away but I didn't make it far.

I felt a sharp pinch in my breast and when I looked down there was half a machete sticking out of me I gasped and then fell down..

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