Con-ver-gent, adjective: Coming closer together.
They say that something as simple as a flutter of a butterfly's wings can change the course of history. What if Tris never took over Caleb's mission? What if the mission failed? What if Caleb was the one to die? An alternative (extended) ending to Allegiant, obviously with some spoilers.


7. Chapter 7


My eyes are foggy with sleep when I wrench them open; the tiny face on the old glowing watch next to my head telling me it's almost mid-day. My fingers fumble for the lamp next to the bed and flick the switch, and I sit up.

Instantly, I'm hit with reminders of him. I don't know what I expected- this room is his after all- but still I curl against his pillows and refuse to let the day corrupt the memories I hold. Today Cara and I will venture into the city to track down the people from the Bureau, taking Zeke and some of the other 'Defectors' with us to help save more innocent lives. We know the risks of course- there are anti-divergent task teams prowling the streets, heavily armed with permission and trained to shoot and kill; but it's a risk we have to take.

Despite the urgency of the task, I close my eyes and lay there in the half-light, letting myself inhale the mild scent that Tobias left behind. A knock sounds at the door and I release a mumbled groan in response, my head buried in the pillow and my arm draped over the side of the bed. "Rise and shine!" Cara sits on the edge of my bed, but her image does not match her cheerful tone. Her skin is pale, her cheeks flushed while dark puddles encircle her tired eyes.

"Are you sure you're up for it?" I squint up at her, rubbing my hair as I force myself to sit up again, fighting off the tendrils of sleep that are wrapping around my brain. "You look pretty worn out."

"It's now or never." She shrugs, whipping the duvet from over my body and grabbing my hands. My body screams in tired protest as she drags me upright and into the tiny bathroom adjoined to Tobias' room. I lean against the edge of the bath while she busies herself at the sink, filling a cup with cold water that I expect her to drink. Instead, she throws the liquid into my face, drenching me in an instant.

The water drips down my hair and into my shirt, and I stand with a shriek. "I'll get you back for this!" I yell after her as she leaves the room, laughing like a mischievous sprite. My hands shake with cold as I rifle through Tobias' wardrobe, still packed with reams of black clothes from the days of safety. My heart settles on a pair of dark grey skinny jeans that hug the muscles of my legs, and a baggy black t-shirt that could serve just as well as a dress. I tuck the shirt into the jeans and slide my sneakers back onto my feet before I leave the bedroom, heading back through the dark and winding tunnels to the dining hall where our mission group is assembled.

Cara smiles at the damp-curled hair bobbing at my chin as I slide into the seat opposite her, grabbing a thick round of toast from the centre of the table and biting into it. The salty butter slides over my tongue as Zeke begins talking us through the mission, pointing to the map on the table in front of him with the handle of a spoon. "We're going to split into two groups, so that if one of us is caught the others will still be able to carry out the mission. Cara, you're with Harley, Allie, Eoin and Justin. Tris, you're with me, Harley, Shaun and Rose- that's Christina's sister." As her name is mentioned, Rose enters the room. She slides into place beside Cara, her eyes glued to the crumpled map as Zeke finishes explaining the plan. Once it's outlined, we all stand and follow him to the top of the Pit.

On the rainbow-splattered floor of the glass atrium above the pit lies a small pile of weapons and ammunition. The guns and bullets are the last of Dauntless' seemingly endless supply, and there's barely enough to share amongst the group as we ready ourselves for battle. I choose a knife and tuck it into my belt, along with the handgun I brought from the Bureau.

Cara's group is the first to leave, and she gives me a sad and tired smile as they step from the Pire, her gun tucked safely into her belt for the long walk to the city. We stand around for a further ten minutes before we move out, stepping along the train tracks as the sun tickles the horizon.

"What do you remember?" I ask Zeke as we take the lead of our group, trudging along the edge of the track and into the city.

He shrugs, running his hand over his buzzed scalp as he forms an answer. "I remember Uriah, of course. I couldn't forget him. And Rose and Stephanie remember Christina, so the bomb didn't make us forget our families. We forgot our friends though- and our enemies. What formed the groups you see today… it's just this feeling that some of us had, that what Marcus and Evelyn were telling us wasn't exactly true. We didn't- and don't- believe what they're telling us about the Divergent, whatever they are. In fact, we hope that instead of the dangerous creatures they're making them out to be, the Divergent are here to save us. That's all we have really, is hope."

"Do you remember me? And Christina and Tobias?" Zeke shakes his head, and my heart sinks with thoughts of Tobias. All the friends he had in the world- Amar and Zeke and well, everyone- have forgotten him. And Christina- she left because she thought her family would not remember her, and yet here they are. "You've got hope though, that's good, right?"

"But what if we're wrong? We're just going to be let down." I reach out with my hand and grip his fingers, squeezing them gently before letting them go.

"I promise I'm not going to let that happen."

We step into the Abnegation sector, our black uniforms blending into the shadows of the night as we slink along the edges of the narrow, grey streets. Before we reach the end of the first street, the loud hammering of gunfire fills the air. Shouts drift from somewhere else in the city, the smoky smell of spent bullets curling into my nostrils like mustard gas. My stomach turns, my mouth falling open in panic as I choke out Cara's name. "We have to go find her."

Rose's face is suddenly in front of mine, her harsh features so much like Christina's that for a second the sisters become one. "Get yourself together! Keep going! Remember the plan! Stop trying to be such a hero and focus on the greater problems!" She screams into my face, before turning on her heel and storming back over to Harvey and Shaun. The two other men in our group are really just boys- younger than me at least, but with black tattoos snaking over their dark skin. They hold the guns confidently, their shoulders straight as they duck into doorways and step forwards down the street.

I grudgingly follow, sneaking down dark alleys and jumping over skeletal rotting bodies as we head determinedly away from the gunfire. We don't stop until we emerge in the old Candor sector- where we told our 'troops' to take refugees. Cara's team is nowhere to be seen, doing nothing to settle the nerves in my body as we sneak around the dark edges of the front courtyard of the Merciless Mart.

It's silent- too silent- and I'm about to make my run to the front doors of Candor HQ when I hear the distinct click of a gun behind my head. The bullet slides into the chamber, and I turn to find Rose stood directly behind me. Zeke, Harvey and Shaun stand behind her, grinning as she steadies her hand and prepares to fire. "Divergent scum." She whispers, her lips forming the venomous words as she shifts her aim around my body. I fumble for my gun, but find the chamber completely empty of bullets. It clatters to the floor, useless. Rose grins, her white teeth sharp-looking as they catch the moonlight and she repositions her gun to in front of my face. "Time to die."


"Why don't you stand up, Tobias?" I want to stay seated, my bottom stuck to the wooden bench beneath me, but people are beginning to turn in my direction. What could happen? She could shoot me, of course. She could turn the hundred-or-so people in this room dead against me or just arrest me and let me rot in prison. The worst she could do is probably give me the truth serum and force me to spill the plans of the so-called Divergent Defectors. The moon glints through one of the glass-less windows in the tall walls, catching my eye as I straighten my back and get to my feet.

The people all around me gasp and turn to me, people on the other side of the room standing to get a look at Evelyn's traitor son. "Mother," I try to keep my voice steady, but my hands are shaking at my side as I draw my gaze away from the slice of moonlight and stare into her eyes. "How nice to see you again."

She smiles, hands grabbing my wrists as she clicks her fingers. The best thing to do is to comply; to obey her wishes. I know this, yet as the man and woman who were sitting on either side of me drag me to the end of the row and down the steps to the centre of the auditorium, I can't help but struggle against their grip.

"How dare you betray me? How dare you have the cheek to leave the parents who raised you just so you could be with that petty little stick of a girl? You're not even supposed to be alive."

Her words touch a nerve and I spring forwards, bringing my hand up and sending my fist flying towards her jaw with all the force I can muster. She grabs her face, stumbling backwards until she trips onto the floor. My shadow covers her as she cowers next to the table that holds the projector, and I spit onto her as Marcus did to me on the bus. The hands grab me again, pulling me back as she glares at me, scandalised.

"You're evil!" I shout, rage blowing up in my stomach like a balloon ready to burst. "You and Dad- neither of you know what's good for the world, neither of you care about these people! You just care about yourselves. It makes me sick." I spit again as my heels catch the bottom stair and I trip, falling only for the hands to hold me upright as they continue to draw me away. "I'm glad I left. I thought I could trust you. I thought I managed to change you. Sure- I changed you… but only so you could work together to create a worse evil than you'd already forged and I hate myself for it!"

"You hate yourself?" She pushes herself to her knees, steadying herself on the floor with her fingers outstretched as she looks up at me. A red flower blooms across her jawline, spreading across her cheeks as she struggles to her feet.

"Not as much as I hate you."

"You hope to unearth me with these words? My dear Tobias, your father and I realised that together we are stronger. Together we can rule- and you had the chance to join us. Instead, you threw it away in exchange for that little girl with the highly self-destructive hero complex. You must ask yourself, is it really worth it?"

I laugh, certain now of my fate. There's no doubt that I will be imprisoned. She will try and reason with me, and when I refuse she will track down Tris and kill us both. It'd be easy to lie- to try and convince her that I'd rather rule than spend the rest of my life with the girl I love- but I can't. In front of all these people, in the Candor headquarters… Well, it has to be the truth, doesn't it? "Definitely."

She sighs, closing her eyes in defeat as a different pair of hands drags me up the stairs, wrapping my hands with a plastic tie as we walk. The voiceless man guides me through the black and white tiles halls, still marked with evidence of our last battle here. By this point in my life, I'm so used to being arrested that I don't even blink when he cuts through the plastic tie with a pocket knife and throws me into room 382. It's small and unfurnished, with black carpeted floor and white walls. A bubble of frustrated rage fizzes in my throat, desperate to be released.

I can't give them the satisfaction though, so I sit in the middle of the room and close my eyes as the door swings shut and the lock clicks into place. Part of me hopes that I will see Tris soon, so that I can give her the photos that still crinkle in my pocket when I move. The other part hopes that she stays well away, that she won't end up here because if she does, she will die with me.

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