Con-ver-gent, adjective: Coming closer together.
They say that something as simple as a flutter of a butterfly's wings can change the course of history. What if Tris never took over Caleb's mission? What if the mission failed? What if Caleb was the one to die? An alternative (extended) ending to Allegiant, obviously with some spoilers.


6. Chapter 6


We sit in the dining hall, gathered on one table with only the closest lamps lit to lessen the darkness. Christina's mother sits next to her daughter, gently stroking her shoulder. "Where is my daughter?" She asks, her hand twitching on the young girl's arm. "Where is Christina?"

I look to Cara and shake my head, looking back up at Christina's mom with a sigh. "We don't know. She was supposed to come here with us, but she decided to leave. She thought you wouldn't remember her."

"There's a lot we don't know- that Marcus and Evelyn have warned us about. They're hiding it from us- knowledge that we used to have but now we don't. They say if we co-operate we can have it back, but we don't want to take part in what they're doing... But I'd never forget her. Not my daughter."

"What is it? What are they doing?" My hands claw anxiously at the edge of the table, my fingers sore against the worn wood. "What are they planning?"

She shakes her head, looking around the table at the gathered crowd. "They told us about the Divergent."

I swallow, dropping my fingers from the table and letting my hands curl in my lap. "What did they say?"

"They told us they had to be eliminated. That they're dangerous. Marcus and Evelyn- they've armed the whole city, told everyone to track down the divergent and take them out."

This is nothing new, just a repeat of history here in this poor, broken city. "And people have agreed?" Zeke nods in the corner, his eyes focussed on the table in front of me. I look down at the dark wood, my eyes catching on a pale and splintered engraving before me. Two numbers, encircled by a shallow heart in the wood; a four and a six, barely visible in the shade. My throat clenches, my lungs straining to move as I look back up at Zeke to see him nod again.

"What happened to Uriah?" His voice croaks. He knows the answer, he just wants to- needs to- hear it again. He needs to know that it's true.

I cough as I shift awkwardly, unable to look him in the eye as the truth flips over in my stomach. "He…" No. I have to look at him. He deserves that one thing. "There was a raid in the compound. They blew up a wall- and he was standing by it. We did our best, we really did… but his brain. He was just gone. You came to say goodbye- the both of you," I look now to his mother, who is glaring at me with cold and unfeeling eyes as I detail the death of her youngest son. "We let you see him before we turned off the machines. He was never going to wake up." Cara's hand finds my hand and touches it softly under the table, a comforting gesture but one that makes me want to curl in a ball and sob against the floor all the same.

"You girls probably want to sleep, right?" A man steps up behind Christina's mother, a wide smile on his lips to detract from the grief circling the two families. "Come on, there's plenty of space in these caves."

His naivety takes the icy chill off my spine and I get to my feet, following him from the dining room and down the winding corridor to the floor of the Pit. The tattoos inked on my skin tingle when I look up through the glass roof, still splattered with the fluorescent paint of burst paintballs. This is where I belong.


I'm on my way to Dauntless HQ to track down Tris when more sets of voices stop me in my tracks, forcing me to duck into the doorway of one of the old Candor houses. This time, instead of two starving women or the parents I have disowned, it's a moderately-sized group of men and women, heavily armed with huge grey guns strapped to their backs. One of the women carries a short knife, glinting in the morning sun.

All I can do is hope the shadows conceal me as the group march past, haste quickening their stride. "They said there was one in the grey streets- a Divergent." My blood runs icy in my veins, my hands trembling at my side as I push myself as far as I can into the black alcove of the terraced house. Every person unaccounted for in these streets is in danger- everyone we brought with us from the compound is in risk of death or worse, and the same goes for Cara and Tris and me.

As soon as the group has passed, I duck out from the doorway and start down the street. I reach an alleyway and sprint down it, running flat-out towards the train tracks, the easiest route to the Dauntless HQ. My heart pounds with every step and the rushing blood in my ears pants her name, drawing me through the city.

I reach the edge of Candor headquarters and slow to a walk, trying to merge with the small crowds rushing to the double doors of the Merciless Mart. Their hunched backs have the weight of the world hung upon them, the future of our people. Even though they don't remember the past, it's their job to provide the present. I try to swerve from the crowd and edge around the building, but I'm swept up amongst them and carried up to the courtroom in one of the lifts.

Strange faces surround me on the circular benches, and I try and keep my head down as Evelyn walks into the hall. She casts a glance around but doesn't notice me, and draws down a white screen affixed to the far wall. I can't see a projector, but images flash up on the screen and she begins to explain, and I realise what this is. It's a lesson.

"This world we see around us is one of utter destruction. Who is to blame?" She flicks to the next slide, and eight faces appear on the slide. Tris, Christina, Cara, Uriah, Tori, Peter, Caleb and myself. Peter's face is crossed through with thick blue lines, Tori's with red. "The Defectors. The Divergent. These people left our fair city, setting off the memory bomb and causing all of the destruction and confusion we see in our world around us." The woman on my left shifts awkwardly, her eyes flickering over to my face and then back to the screen. She knows.

"Tori Wu," She points to Tori and her red cross, and my eyes dampen with anger. "Divergent defector. Assisted in the escape of the other defectors, was shot dead just outside the city. Peter Hayes. Willingly re-integrated himself into the city and is now receiving the same information as you. He is not a threat." She looks up, her eyes scanning the crowd as she directs her thin metal pointer to the last faces on the bottom row. "Caleb Prior, unconfirmed location. He could be in the city, or back at the defector base- same goes for Uriah Pedrad. Both major threats, though minor compared to the other defectors."

I gulp, my dry throat itching in the heat of the tall, circular room. I have to get out of here…

"Christina Montez. Whereabouts unknown, but is likely to be in the city. Her family is also within the fenced boundary, though we have not yet been able to locate either her mother or her sister. Cara Young and Beatrice Prior are both confirmed to be within the city, accompanied by a band of up to fifty other defectors. Marcus has informed me that they will be planning to round up 'lost' citizens and bring them here to safety. We will need around the clock guards in this building and around the city to ensure that we catch these defectors. One point that I feel needs fully expressing- the named defectors are to be arrested and brought to me alive."

I swallow, my hands twitching in my lap as the woman next to me fully turns her head, looking right at me. She stands, and Evelyn smiles at her, raising her hand until the woman sits down. "The last defector is Tobias Eaton." She points to my face, and raises her head to look me in the eye. "He is my son, and has committed the ultimate act of betrayal," she smiles, closing the pointer and tucking it into her pocket as she tilts her head towards me. "And he is in this room."

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