Con-ver-gent, adjective: Coming closer together.
They say that something as simple as a flutter of a butterfly's wings can change the course of history. What if Tris never took over Caleb's mission? What if the mission failed? What if Caleb was the one to die? An alternative (extended) ending to Allegiant, obviously with some spoilers.


23. Chapter 23


"We believe that cowardice is to blame for the world's injustices. We believe that peace is hard-won, that sometimes it is necessary to fight for peace. We believe in justice and freedom, in acknowledging fear. We believe in ordinary acts of bravery and standing up for one another, in shouting for those who can only whisper, in defending those who cannot defend themselves. We agree that life is not comfortable, is not easy, that good manners and silence do nothing to help. We believe in going down fighting, and in ourselves." My words are carried away on the wind as I shift my books to one hand, reaching out and taking hold of Tobias' cold fingers with the other. "Ready?"

"As I'll ever be." He gulps, squeezing my hand.

I step forwards, clutching the books to my chest as I'm swallowed by the darkness. All I feel is the wind whipping at my clothes and my hair as we plummet down the black hole, Tobias' hand still in mine. We hit the bottom, the damp net curling around our bodies as the grey clouds above drift over the white moon. I roll onto my knees, half expecting hands to grab at my legs through the net as I wrench the other books from Tobias' arms.

"You okay?" I ask, brushing my fingers over his cheek. His skin is pale, his eyes squeezed closed.

"Am I dead?" He whispers, his hands shaking at his sides. I smile as I swoop down, my hair tickling the sides of his face as I plant a soft kiss on his clenched mouth. His lips loosen, his eyes slowly opening to stare up at the clouding sky above us. "I take that as a no."

A raindrop splashes on my scalp and dribbles down my head, quickly followed by thousands of others that soak through my clothes and splash into puddles beneath the net. "Come on." I tuck the books under my arm and clamber across the slippery net until I reach the wooden platform on the other side. Tobias follows, his black hair dripping rainwater over his face as he sits on the edge of the net, his chest rising and falling with each heavy breath.

We walk together through the dark tunnels, my free hand trailing along the damp walls as Tobias takes half the books from under my arm. "Where are we?"

I smile as a faint blue light materialises at the end of the corridor, a dim glow that spurs me on through the darkness. "Home."

The pit shines with the light from the Spire above, shimmering moonlight glinting through the glass ceiling and casting dim patterns on the dark ground below. I look up gingerly, half expecting a shower of corpses to come raining down from the rainbow floor above.

"Which way?" Tobias asks, his eyes filled with awe as he casts them around the cavern. He examines the paths that run up the walls, finding the hundreds of caves and paths that lead above our heads and to other winding tunnels across the compound.


I wink and start towards the closest path, walking close to the wall as we take baby steps up the slippery stone. Cool gusts of air blow through the caves, dim lights shining from inside rooms and stores as we shift past the doorways. Shadows flicker inside some of the rooms, people shuffling back and to past open doors.

The ghosts of my past haunt me as I climb, the backs of my legs aching with effort as I ascend the slippery paths. We pass the tattoo parlour, my skin tingling at the thought of Tori's needle running over my collarbone, at the memory of her death. I blink away tears, looking away from Tobias as we climb further, my arms aching from the weight of the books while my heart aches with memories of my friends: of Christina and Will, of Cara and even Peter.

We finally reach the entrance to the Spire and I step onto the paint-splattered floor, feeling my shoes stick to the glass as I pad across to the control room on the far side of the circular room. We step through the open door, inhaling the strong smell of urine mixed with something worse as we step across to the battered panel.

Tobias sets to work, first booting up and then typing on the sticky keys until green lettering appears on the black screens. I read out Matthew's scrawled notes as he types the code into the computer, entering different commands. He highlights parts of the code, deleting them and replacing them as we go. It takes a whole hour before we finish, the green writing completely reconfigured. I read over Tobias' head, swinging open one of the battered cupboards and withdrawing from it two identical black boxes.

We inject ourselves with the serum, and I feel the cool liquid pulsing through my veins as we leave the books behind, stepping through the room and into the fear landscape.

The room is foggy at first, clouded with mist that obscures our view of the graffiti on the walls. Tobias grips my hand and we watch the mist clear, the room morphing into the rounded meeting room of the Hub. We watch from the top of the stairs as Caleb steps from the crowd of grey-clothed citizens and takes the knife from Marcus. He slices into his palm and drips his blood into the pink-stained water of the Erudite bowl, then joins the rows of blue-wearing girls and boys across the room. It's me next, and I somehow watch through somebody else's eyes as I step away from the bench and enter the circle.

Tobias' hand squeezes mine as the other me slices into her hand, hovering between the Abnegation and Dauntless bowls with an uncertainty I remember all too well. She closes her eyes, letting the blood pool in her hand before she opens her fingers, letting the red drop hiss onto the burning coals.

The mist surrounds us again, seeping into my lungs with a cold ferocity as it clears to show the training room. We stand in a line down the length of the room, punching hopelessly against swinging bags that hang from the low ceiling. Tobias trails back and forth down the long row, his eyes running lazily over my stance before he approaches, pressing his hand against my stomach to straighten my back. "You're skinny. Use your elbows and your knees." He breathes into my ear, removing his hand to continue down the row.

I feel Tobias blush at my side as the memory moves on, flicking to my first real fight. His hands shake, but for a different reason as we watch me getting beaten to a pulp. I fall to the floor, my arms flailing hopelessly and my eyes drifting closed as Christina steps into the circle to pick me up. The room shifts again, and I'm standing straight-backed against the target as Tobias throws the three knives at my head. "I knew then." He whispers at my side, his chin resting on my shoulder. "That you were brave, and cute, and strong."

A hot blush rises in my cheeks, burning at my skin as the memory flicks onwards. Tobias presses against my side and we find ourselves in the darkness, twisted voices shouting in our ears. "Stiff! Stiff!" They shout, as hands grope at our skin and pull at our clothes. It's real fear this time.

"What's going on?" I shout above the screams, suffocating under the blackness as Tobias wraps his arms around me. "Why are we experiencing this? We only watched them the other times…"

I gasp as my back hits a cold railing, icy water splashing from the chasm and into my scalp. Tobias shrieks as we tilt back, and I sob into his shoulder as the railing presses into my spine.

"Tris!" He shouts, his hands finding my face. "You have to calm down!"

But I can't. I can't breathe, the weight of the hands pushing down on me as they try and force me over the railing. He holds me, resting his forehead against mine. "What happens next? What happens?"

"You save me!" I scream, taking huge gulps of air as a hand creeps beneath the blackness and runs over my skin. "But you're here!" My throat burns as I yell the words, squirming to get away from Peter's groping fingers. "Please!"

Suddenly I fall backwards; the bar vanished from beneath me. I expect to plummet down the chasm, to fall to a wet death on the slippery rocks below, but when I open my eyes I find myself on the Abnegation streets, Tobias's panting body lying on top of mine.

"What did you do?" I whisper as we stand, my eyes skimming over the landscape. "What happened?"

"I controlled the landscape, like you said. I concentrated really hard, and it moved on." I nod, choking back a sob as I take in the masses of black-clothed bodies crowded around us.


He sucks in a breath, his eyes darting from face to face. "I remember." His voice is a whisper as Will materialises in front of us, his gun pointing at my forehead.


I fumble at my side, my eyes closed against the sight of Will standing in front of us. I grip Tris' hand with all my might, but she just trembles in fear as the metal of the gun touches her forehead. I concentrate and raise my other hands, and clutched in my fingers is my own weapon. The bang of the bullet echoes in my mind as Will crumples to the ground, his eyes glassy and blank.

There's no time to talk as the landscape moves on, finding Evelyn in the factionless warehouse. Chills run down my spine as everything comes rushing back, everything she did. "Tris. I remember, I know what happens. We have to leave."

My voice shakes as I talk, but she is insensible. Her wide eyes dart back and forth with fear as Evelyn walks up to her, running one clawed finger down the line of her jaw. "This is my design, Beatrice. Fear me."

I stand to face her. This isn't a memory anymore, but it's not true either. My hand curls into a fist at my side, my fingers sticky with Will's blood as I punch her in the jaw. She flies backwards, vanishing as she hits the floor.

My father is next, standing above me with his belt raised. I punch him too, kicking him to the floor until he vanishes in a ball of fear. We move through scenes that flicker through my brain, memories fresh and flickering and vivid like fire until we reach modern day. The mist reappears, and vanishes to leave the paint-scrawled brick-walled room behind.

I bend down, gently shaking Tris. She's curled on the floor, her head tucked beneath her trembling arms as she takes deep, heaving breaths. "Tris. It's okay, it's okay. Come on." She's still shaking, tears dripping down her pale skin as I ease her to her feet. She wraps her arms around me, gripping my shoulders as she sobs into my neck. "Hey, it's okay. It's over. What's wrong?"

She wipes her eyes, her nose and cheeks red from crying. "Will… Christina… Matthew… Cara… everything."

I cradle her head in my hand, swaying back and forth. "It's done. None of it matters, okay. They're gone, there's nothing we can do." She sniffs, closing her eyes against my chest. Another tear drips from beneath her eyelashes, landing on my t-shirt with a salty splash.

Finally she quietens. The sobs stop and more tears refuse to fall, and her curled fists unwind as she lifts her head. Her lips are salty as I brush my mouth against hers, feeling her soft skin against mine. "Did it work?" She whispers, bringing her hand up to run it through my hair. It's dry again, which makes me wonder how long we've been in here, fighting off her memories.

"It worked. I remember it all- everything. From the first moment I laid eyes on you, till the moment I left you to complete that mission and beyond. I remember everything that went right and everything that went wrong, all the good things and all the bad things. But most of all I remember you. When I think of you, of us, my mind is so clear. It's like a swimming pool with the clearest water ever, and I can see right the way to the bottom."

She nods with a huge grin, and smashes her face into my chest as she wraps me in a huge hug once more. "I love you, Tobias Eaton."

"I love you too, Tris, and I've never, ever doubted that; but seeing you go through all your memories, seeing the things you've been through, the stuff you've survived. It just made me love you even more."

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