Con-ver-gent, adjective: Coming closer together.
They say that something as simple as a flutter of a butterfly's wings can change the course of history. What if Tris never took over Caleb's mission? What if the mission failed? What if Caleb was the one to die? An alternative (extended) ending to Allegiant, obviously with some spoilers.


14. Chapter 14


"What are you doing?" It took hours, but I finally managed to track her down. Evelyn. "Why can't you just let Cara lie in peace?"

She frowns, then smiles. While her eyes are at first dark, an evil glint soon manifests itself in them. "My dear boy, you actually think I'm going to tell you?"

I lash out, punching her in the greenish-blue-tinged bruise on her chin. She falls backwards, landing dazed in the chair. "Tell me. Now."

She shakes her head. "Never."

"Stubborn as ever." I sigh, reaching into my pocket and sliding the brass rings over my knuckles. "Last chance, mother."

Her eyes narrow, her face darkening even further. "Do you really want to know?" She asks, her lips curving into a grin despite the position she found herself in. "Really?"

I pout, cracking my knuckles, and she winces.

"Deoxyribonucleic acid. DNA." I nod, and gradually she continues. "It holds memories. Your little friend knows things that I need to learn. I need to know what she remembers."

"You're mad. She's DEAD."

"You're wrong. She's dead, all right. Her brain, her organs: they no longer work. What you don't see is what her body holds. While it no longer moves, it still exists- and if it exists, it can be used."

"You make me sick." I spit, kicking out at the desk. She winces in the chair, folding her hands in her lap.

"We'll see about that."


I stay crouched in the corner for hours. By the time I manage to get to my feet again, my legs are cramped and sore. My head spins when I stand up, and I start to think that perhaps I should not have ripped the IV from my hand. A line of crusted red blood runs from my hand down my forearm, and I start to pick at it until it flakes off, sitting once more on the edge of the bed with my feet tucked under the blanket.

Tiredness hits me like a wave, but I do not want to let it drown me. It does though, dragging me backwards and through the bed into the world of the sleeping, the unconscious world of horror that I have grown to know and hate with all my heart.

I'm back in the Dauntless compound, sprinting through the long and winding tunnels. My chest burns with the effort it takes to keep going, so I know I've been running a while- but where to? And what from?

The loud, squawking noise of birds fills my ears, wings flapping at my head and beaks pecking at my clothes as I run. In the dim blue lights hanging on the walls, I see the black silhouettes of millions of crows as they fly into my back and my head, their wings whipping my face. Talons claw at my clothes and my skin as I scream, running, sprinting, desperate to escape.

I reach the end of the corridor and run into a wider room, harshly lit with white light. The wings stop but the noise persists, and I turn to see the birds sat in the corridor, their heads cocked to one side to consider me like a lion would consider his prey. Even as I wonder why they're not moving, one bird flies up and towards me. I cower back, but the bird slams against an invisible wall and falls back to the floor.

Something cool brushes my ankles and I look down, fearing the worst. I'm right to fear it, because soon the cold water has crept up my legs, forming an icy pool around my knees. I scream, but it only rises faster, ringing my waist as I take deep, gasping breathes. It's like a simulation. The simulation. It's a simulation.

I wade through the room, finding the invisible wall between me and the crows. The water is slowly creeping up my body and my feet fight to leave the ground, but I push my hands against the wall and beg for freedom.Please, I think, closing my eyes. Let me go.

When I open my eyes, the invisible wall is still there, the crows flapping impatiently on the other side. The water slides up to my chest, my fingers becoming icy against the glass-like surface. I take a gasp of breath, feeling the crushing pressure of the roomful of water behind me as I'm pressed into the doorway. Please.

The darkness swallows me up as I close my eyes again, taking a slow gasp of air as the water reaches my neck. My hands find the coldness of the invisible wall, my feet leaving the ground. I try not to panic as the water reaches my hair, dampening the strands and sticking them to my shoulders. It's a simulation. It's not real. I have to escape.

I focus all of my energy on the invisible wall before me. Let me go. Let me escape. When I open my eyes again, the wall is almost opaque. The crows beyond are gone, the shadows no longer flapping against the blue lights; but the water is crawling up my face. I push my face into the air above me, taking one final gasp before it vanishes completely. It soaks the last of my hair as I duck beneath the surface, my palms pushed against the solid wall. It's not real. It's not real.

Finally a crack appears in the clouded glass, and I kick against it with my heels. Let me out! It cracks once more and the pressure of the water does the rest, shattering the wall and letting the water flow out into the corridor. My sodden clothes cling to my skin I take deep breathes of air, hunched on the damp floor. Just a simulation.

My eyes snap open and I look over into my darkened room, sitting straight up in the bed and running my fingers through my hair. I feel a pulling in my hand as I lift my arm, and find another needle slid under my skin. It's secured with a sticking plaster, connected once more to a bag of clear fluid above my head. I half-stand on the bed and squint at the bag, reading the scrawled black handwriting on the sticky-white label. Antibiotics – Saline - Metus intravenous.

I shiver, sitting back down and crossing my legs. Antibiotics and saline sound medical and they sound important- but the last two words mean nothing to me. My skin sticks to the dressing as I pull at the edges, peeling the sticky fabric away from the back of my hand, easing the needle out of the vein and letting it fall against the wall.

My legs wobble as I step across the room, pulling on the doorknob and begging for it to open- but it won't budge. "Tobias!" I shout, hammering against the wood. "Four! I need to speak to you!"

No noise sounds from the corridor, no indication that he is anywhere near. I sigh, spinning on the spot and returning to the bed, my stomach grumbling with hunger. My knees are cold as I hug them to my chest, wrapping my fingers around my ankles and putting my head against my legs. Now that I know that none of the fear was real, that it was a simulation- I know that the things I saw when I looked at Tobias were all a lie- I need him.

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