A story of a Spartans training


6. chapter 6

Location- the frozen planet



Josh's POV

Training is over. There are 13 of us left; Kat, Jena, Jorge, Carter, John, Jun, Emile, Derek, Audrey, Cole, Libby, Noah, and me. Kenna died Yesterday. We decided to celebrate it being our last day of training and we all out attacked the marine base we thought all the marines were dead. We were wrong one of them shot at us with a rocket launcher twice the first one hit Kenna and killed her. The second one hit me and I used armor lock to protect myself then I ripped off the marines toes and fingers one by one. He suffered for killing my girlfriend. The rest of the team left and I took off my helmet and put her dog tags around my neck so I would never forget her. Then reinforcements came. 30 Pelicans full of troops I was in a mood and grabbed an old sword off the ground and killed all of them by myself. The next day when I was walking around the other Spartans that went to other planets for their training looked at me in awe. The video of me fighting an army of marines with no gun had gotten around. Everyone respected me. I would have given it all up for more time with Kenna. I tried to get Over her by training all the time. I got so good I could take on 20 other Spartans unarmed and win without an injury. They would only use assault riffles though. I started dating Jena to get over Kenna.

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