A story of a Spartans training


4. chapter 4



Josh's POV

When the instructors finished their speech people were mad and scared saying that's not fair and I don't want to die my squad was getting ready because 5 pelicans Were on their way with a symbol for each squad and was filled with food and weapons. We each got a pelican and the captains decided to pick a leader we decided between me and Jason. I said we could be co-leaders and then we left reach and went to the frozen planet. There was a giant whole in the ground that we parked our pelicans in and started to build a 5 foot thick Ceiling of snow. When we went through supplies we had 39 sleeping bags,39 pillows, enough food to last is 5 months, lots of medicine and the pelicans guns would last 3 years if we didn't use them every day. We put one pelican in the open to use on a daily basis. When people went for pillows and sleeping bags I didn't get one everyone else did though so I have to share with Kenna not that I mind but still. We each had enough ammo for 5 months for all our guns. Each squad had a healer, electrician,heavy weapons, scout, sniper, commando (expert at everything),pilot/driver, and explosives expert the electricians made watch cameras for around the base, radars and flashlights for us to use. Everyone else made tunnels too small for the marines to fit in and also made separate rooms for everyone and a kitchen/dining area, and an armory and a command center.

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