Hot Summer Romance

An exciting, breathtaking love story of a lonely boy who meets an amazing girl during his summer break! Filled with intrigue, romance, humor, and hope for anyone who has never been in love.


2. Unexpected Journey

Tommy was preparing to go to bed when his mother knocked on his door.  The expression on her face told him that the news was very bad even before she spoke.  His mom told him that his uncle Donald had just died and they would be staying with his aunt, her sister for the summer.  She further explained that the chickens were going to be cared for by the neighbors, but they would have to bring along the dog and cat.  The following morning, the family packed up and moved to the outskirts of New Orleans. The family arrived Monday night and stayed up late unpacking everything.  He met his  blonde 16 year old cousin, JoAnn Phillips, and her twin Joseph early the next morning at breakfast.  JoAnn was very friendly and outgoing, while Joseph was quiet and reserved.  JoAnn went on and on about this amazing friend named Tori Young that she had met during the school year.  Joseph, on the other hand, was not as enthused. He had hit on Tori when she first moved to New Orleans but she would have nothing to do with him because he was already dating someone else.  He told Tori, "what's the big deal, I can drop her if you tell me Yes".  Obviously, that did not sit well with Tori, who told him "never talk to me again".  Tommy was dying to meet this girl but he had no way of saying it without sounding desperate.  He had no experience with girls and was unsure what he would say to her.  However, JoAnn insisted that they meet.

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