Hot Summer Romance

An exciting, breathtaking love story of a lonely boy who meets an amazing girl during his summer break! Filled with intrigue, romance, humor, and hope for anyone who has never been in love.


8. The Bad Game

Tommy treated everyone, including Sadie to a game of mini-golf.   Each of the 18 holes featured dinosaurs, starting with a T-Rex.  JoAnn started off the game by getting a par 2, followed by Tori who did the same.  On the other hand, Tommy, who had never played mini-golf ended up with a par 5.  The second and third holes did not get any easier as Tommy struggled to even keep the ball inside the course.  JoAnn got a hole-in-one on the second hole while Tori got a 3, but she made up for it by getting a hole-in-one on the third hole.  It went on like this through the whole course, Tommy missing everything but JoAnn and Tori getting par or better on most of the holes.   Tommy played terribly but he did not complain, much. However, he was clearly getting frustrated even though JoAnn and Tori sweetly encouraged him. The thing that bothered Tommy the most, was the group of teenage boys playing one hole behind them.  The oldest boy, about 17, kept saying how much Tommy sucked at mini-golf.  He continued making snide remarks throughout the course and he was getting under Tommy's skin.  As they finished up, Tommy was ready to punch the guy but Tori pulled him away. She convinced him to calm down, and kissed his cheek in the process.  It calmed Tommy down and JoAnn made sure they quickly separated themselves from the cruel boys.  As they piled back into the car to drive back to JoAnn's, she quickly tallied up the scores. Not surprisingly, Tommy was dead last.  It was surprising though that Tori and JoAnn were tied. Sadie was about 10 strokes back. Tommy and Tori again sat together as Tommy apologized profusely for getting so upset during the mini-golf game.  ONE thing was clear, he was falling hard for beautiful, sweet Tori, and nothing could change that.


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