Hot Summer Romance

An exciting, breathtaking love story of a lonely boy who meets an amazing girl during his summer break! Filled with intrigue, romance, humor, and hope for anyone who has never been in love.


3. Pleasant Surprise

JoAnn's mom (Sadie) took JoAnn and Tommy and dropped them off in the French Quarter, just a few miles drive across the river from their home in Algiers.  While JoAnn and Tommy explored the French Quarter, Sadie would catch up on her shopping and meet up with them in a few hours.  JoAnn and Tommy got a table outside at Café Du Monde as they waited for Tori to arrive. They were enjoying an order of delicious beignets (square French doughnuts covered in powdered sugar) as Tori walked up to the table. Tori Young, a petite 16 year old, immediately smiled as she met Tommy's eyes.  As he rose up to greet Tori, Tommy clumsily knocked over his glass of water causing it to spill on his lap. He was ready to die!  What a bad first impression on this attractive girl, he thought.  Tori was so classy, pretending  not to notice as they all quickly sat back down.  Tommy did not say much initially because he was still embarrassed by spilled water.  "Wow, thought Tommy, what a dazzling smile."  He also noticed her smooth, golden tan skin and dark, flowing hair.  JoAnn broke the ice and soon they were all talking.  Tommy commented on Tori's BTR concert t-shirt because he was also a fan.  He soon discovered that they had a lot in common.  Not only did they both like BTR, but they both liked 1D as well.  Though Tommy did not believe in love at first sight, he was willing to make an exception in this case.  She was not only very attractive, but also sweet, funny, kind, smart, and so interesting. He could not believe his luck at meeting such an amazing girl.   He had never connectted with anyone like this before. It was too good to be true, he thought.

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