Hot Summer Romance

An exciting, breathtaking love story of a lonely boy who meets an amazing girl during his summer break! Filled with intrigue, romance, humor, and hope for anyone who has never been in love.


7. More Fun

Tommy and Tori had been so distracted by their passion that they failed to notice the matinee movie was over.  Though completed startled, they breathed a sigh of relief that they had not been caught making out.  They left the theater in silence but were soon laughing about their near close call.  They were still laughing when JoAnn joined them outside the theater a few minutes later.  JoAnn quickly asked what was so funny.  Thinking quickly, Tori responded that Tommy had spilled his entire drink on the floor of the theater.   "Again" said JoAnn.  "Tommy, you seem to be very clumsy around Tori", which made him turn beet red.  Tommy dismissed her and followed up by saying he was happy the drink did not spill on either he or Tori. " It was would have been disastrous", he said.  He followed up with “though the movie was not very good,  I am so happy Tori was with me.”   As they stood around waiting for JoAnn’s mom, she suggested they do something else since there was still light out.  They toyed with several ideas but settled on playing mini-golf down the street.  Dino-Land Mini-Golf was a new state of the art mini-golf course featuring  life-sized, animatronic  dinosaurs reminiscent of the dinosaur movie, Jurassic Park.  Pick a dino, and it was there…velociraptors, brontosaurus,  stegosaurus, T-Rex,  and 25 other fearsome dinosaurs.   Since it was only three blocks away, Tommy and Tori chose to walk.  He reached out and she took his hand.  He smiled and pulled her close as they walked arm in arm down the street.  

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