Hot Summer Romance

An exciting, breathtaking love story of a lonely boy who meets an amazing girl during his summer break! Filled with intrigue, romance, humor, and hope for anyone who has never been in love.


5. Adoration

Tommy kissed her head again and held her.  She looked up and their eyes met causing him to lean down and kiss her. Their lips met and he kissed her.  She kissed him back as they exchanged sweet, delicate kisses and he was awed by her soft, inviting lips.  He pulled her tight against him, kissing her, lightly parting her lips gently with the tip of his tongue. What an incredible kisser thought Tommy, as he kissed her again and again. He melted as the kisses became more passionate. Just as things started getting heated, JoAnn stepped in and said, "you two need to get a room"!  The tone in her voice caused them to immediately stop and separate for a moment. JoAnn laughed and then said, "why don't you go into our spare bedroom, it's empty and no one will disturb you."   Tommy took Tori by the hand and led her inside, as Tori shut the door behind them.  They immediately sat on the bed and begin where they had left off.  Kissing and holding each other, they laid on the bed side by side.  As things got hotter, Tori unbuttoned Tommy's shirt and removed it.  She begin kissing his neck, and as he as he brushed his hand against her breasts, she gasped. Tommy put his hand on her chest, and starting caressing her breasts, causing her nipples to harden. He quickly unbuttoned her blouse, and just a quickly unsnapped her bra causing it to fall on the bed.  He directed her kisses back to his mouth as he kneaded each nipple under his fingers.  Tommy soon trailed his kisses to her neck, and continued his kisses downward, stopping at her right breast.  He kissed it causing her to gasp again and push his mouth against it.  He opened his mouth wide and began sucking. She moaned as he eagerly sucked her breast, stopping only to alternate between this and her left breast.  Tommy worked his tongue around each nipple, licking, kissing and  sucking, each one, as her breathing grew more rapidly, and her moans became very load. He stops long enough to look up at Tori's beautiful brown eyes and says, "I love you, my sweet Tori!".  Tommy leaned back down and started sucking her perfect breasts again, when all of a sudden, there was a loud pounding on the door.

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