HI. Yes this is the same "Falling" One Direction FanFiction as the other by "asdfghjkl_14" That was me. I no longer have access to the account and I really wanted to continue the book.

Jessie is an 18 year old girl who lives with her dad and every summer she and her dad pull a piece of paper out of a hat with the name of the place they would travel to. Last year they went to Canada. This year they are going to "The city of Love & lights" Anything could happen.


1. Summer

The sun woke Jessie up early that morning but she was so excited about it being the first day of summer, she jumped out of bed. Jessie did her morning routine; she brushed her teeth, washed her face, and put her hair in a bun. She put on her favorite dark blue skinny jeans,  with a white tank-top and pink sweathshirt. When she went down the stairs to the kitchen her dad Jamie had already started breakfast.

“Mornin’ dad!” Jess yelled as she was going down the stairs.

Her dad smiled and hugged jess tightly. “dad, I cant breathe” Jess said laughing. Her dad let go and laughed. Jessie grabbed two cups and filled them with orange juice. Her dad made their plates of breakfast and sat down to eat. Jessie joined him and they ate together, just like they did for the past four years. Jessie’s mom passed away when she was 14. She told her dad everything.. well not everything. She had her bestfriend Ashley for the things she didn’t want to tell her dad.

Jessie went into the living room and turned on the TV. She was flipping through channels when she saw a group of guys singing. Jess sighed and said “well, they aren’t that bad.” She Googled them on her IPhone and learned that they called themselves “One Direction”. Jess liked the sound of their music.

Her dad called her from the kitchen. When she got the kitchen her dad was sitting at the island.

“sit down, we need to talk”. Jess thought the worse.

“what’s up dad?” She tried to remain calm.

“We’re going to Paris this summer” Jessie gave her dad the tightest hug. She bounced up and down asking “When are we leaving?!”

“You are leaving in three days..” Her dad began. Jessie had stopped him mid sentence asking

“What do you mean “you”.. your not coming?”

“Jessie I have to work this summer and you will be okay” he smiled. “I already picked out a tour,hotel and you’ll have a credit card. I already talked to Ashley about it and she bought her ticket along with yours, you’re gonna have an awesome time”

Jessie was a bit sad that her dad wasn’t going with her, but she was excited to go. Her dad said “you have to check in every 2 days, Morning and Night” Jess agreed and hugged her dad one last time before she ran up stairs to pack and call Ashley. They talked about all the little shops they would visit and all the restaurants.

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