This is the story of Jay, the most popular and handsome kid in school. When he is diagnosed with cancer, everything seems to go dark but when a beam of light called Sarah appears, he feels as if everything has changed.


6. The best Moment.

5 months later.

I kissed Sarah. The most beautiful, intriguing girl I had ever met. I kissed her, and she ran her hand through my non-existent hair. 5 months today, I thought. That's almost half a year. And it's 5 months longer than I had had ever had a relationship. I touched her cheek as I kissed her, and the curve of her back and her long hair, and I didn't want to ever lose it. I wanted this moment to last forever. 

"What's the matter?" She pulled away. Of course I hadn't told her. I was going to, sometime. A few weeks ago, I was going to, but I got held up...who am I kidding? I'm a coward. And I need to tell her. I sat down on the bed behind me and rubbed my back. My bones were becoming increasingly achy. 

"Babe, what is it?" I looked at my twiddling thumbs, but she tilted my head towards her. Tears began to fill my eyes and I forced them back. I would have to tell her for sure if she saw me crying. 

And the first tear fell, but it didn't make it to the bottom of my face. It was swept away with Sarah's caring hand. My chin began to tremble. 

"Oh my goodness, Jake! what's happened?" Her voice sounded confused. It was time.

"Sarah, I just never want to loose you." I looked at her, more tears streaming down my face.

"Oh Jake, you sound like a hormonal teenager! Why would you loose me?" She cupped my face with her soft hands. 

I shook my head, forcing back the tears. 

I opened my mouth to speak, to tell her, to say anything! But my body would not allow it. 

Sarah pulled me back and cradled my head in her hands. 


I looked up at her emerald eyes. 

I don't deserve her, I thought. 

"It's me." I sobbed, "I can't be with you." 

A grimacing expression filled her face. 

"What the hell are you talking about?" 

I sat up and Sarah did the same.

"I can't hurt you any longer." I wiped a tear from my cheek and stood up. 

"HURT ME?" She sounded angry,"You haven't hurt me, you're the best thing that has ever happened to me," She frantically tried to pull me back into her room as I tried to walk out. "Jake please, please don't leave me." Tears filled her eyes now. And I imagined her saying those words at my funeral. 

"I'm dying Sarah!" I snapped.

Her eyes softened and she looked disgusted. 

"What the hell are you talking about?" She said again and slapped my arm, clearly thinking it was a joke. 

"Sarah, please, sit down!" I tried to stop her from bruising me. 

She sat down and I held down her hands. 

"I have cancer." I snapped, harshly. 

Her body turned to stone and she shied away from me. "No." She said shaking her head. She repeated it, over and over and screamed into her pillow. 

"Sarah!" I held her hand. 

"WHAT?" She screamed through tears.

I pulled her into a sitting position and she stared at me through glassy eyes.

"If it's too much for you...I'll understand. I'll go..."

"GO?" She yelled, the angry prominent in her voice.

"Jake, you can't ever leave me!" She pulled me into a hug and sobbed into my shirt. We sat like that for what seemed like hours. 

I stroked her hair, pushing it behind her ears and as calmly as I could whispering,"Sh, I'm no going anywhere." 

When she was ready, she sat up. 

"When did you find out?" Her eyebrows were furrowed and her eyes red and blotchy. 

"Nearly a year ago." 

She gulped and nodded.

"Are you having treatment?" 

I shake my head. "They stopped it last month." She didn't ask why, which was good of her.

I lay back and she followed. I cradled her in my arms, and we slept. Gone into one being, full of love. She was full of hopes for the future, I was full of hopes for now. And we were motionless.

So we stayed there. And that was the best Moment. 

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