This is the story of Jay, the most popular and handsome kid in school. When he is diagnosed with cancer, everything seems to go dark but when a beam of light called Sarah appears, he feels as if everything has changed.


4. Moment number 4.

One week later.

"Nice hair Jakester, really brings out your eyes." Tom Tattersall burst out laughing. It's funny, you see, if he knew I was ill, he wouldn't be an asshole with me. He'd be awkward and sorry that I was going to die. So I like the way he was an asshole. That was still another fragment of normality that stayed. 

I walked over to the bench in the yard and sat with Todd. We hadn't spoke of the crying embrace we had, and I doubted we ever would. I was just glad he was here for me and he didn't treat me differently. 

"Jake!" A voice shouted behind me. "I turned to see Molly running towards me.

"I really need a favour from you."

"What," I said, "Anything."

"Well, on Saturday.." My heart beat faster,goosebumps bounced up on my arms and I felt nauseas (Although the chemo was having quite an effect on me)

"Will you take my sister on a date with me? I'm going to the cinema with Tom and she's going to be the 3rd wheel. Please?" She put on her best puppy impression, which of course I couldn't say no to. 

"Uh..Yes! Absolutely." Then my mind jumped back to how I hadn't called her. "Does she know about it though?" 

"No, but she'll be pleased." 

I gulped and Molly shouted, "Oh thankyou thankyou thankyou! Meet me there at 7" She hugged me tight and I could almost feel Tom's eyes tearing me apart. 

She let go and I felt as if I was about to break. 

Maybe from the fact that my bones had turned to jelly because Molly Edwards just acknowledge I was alive and made physical contact with me. 

So I had a date.

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