This is the story of Jay, the most popular and handsome kid in school. When he is diagnosed with cancer, everything seems to go dark but when a beam of light called Sarah appears, he feels as if everything has changed.


3. Moment number 3.

3 and a half months later.

It had been a long time since I had seen Molly and her sister. Of course I hadn't called Sarah, I was too ashamed. Besides, I started chemo and I was beginning to look like one of those crazed monkeys with only a few strands of hair left. So today, I invited my best friend Todd over. I told Todd about my condition shortly after the 'incident' with Sarah. He didn't take it well, which I expected, because we'd known each other since we were babies. We'd play out on the wide expanse of grass behind my house that we called 'The Field'. It was basically empty except from the large tree at one end where Todd and I had built our 'Den.' That's where I told him. I thought it would be...poetic. 

So now we were at my house, my tufts of hair sticking out of my beanie. I'd been to school that day and I didn't want any rumours going around, so naturally I wore a hat to cover up my balding head.

"Just sit still." Todd said, a hair shaver in one hand and the other on my shoulder, trying to steady me. 

"You're making me nervous! How many times have you shaved someone head?" I wriggle, the buzzing of the shaver ringing in my ears.

"Once, if you count the time I accidentally gave my little brother a reverse mohawk." 

"No, that time doesn't count." I sighed. "Okay, just try not to cut me too much.

Todd smiled and he brought the shaver gently to my head, shaving it off, bit by bit. It took him a grand total of 3 minutes just to take off the last few strands on my hair. 

 I sighed again. I know some people might think that I'm just a boy and boys don't care about hair, but I did. It's just another part of my normal life ripped away from me, thats why I wanted to stay in school. So my life would atleast, for the moment, retain the tiniest pinch of normality.

"You look great." Todd held my Mothers mirror in his hand and brushed the dark hair off my shoulders. I saw myself in the mirror. My sunken eyes, pale skin, my bald head. I didn't even recognise myself. 

I brushed the skin of my cheek with my tongue, a habit that was usually brought on just before I began to cry. 

"Come on mate," Todd said, "You'll set me off."

But I had to. I hadn't let myself cry yet. And now I had, it was a wailing, never ending cry. 

Todd bent down and hugged me and I heard his sobbing over my shoulder. 

And we just cried. Like we cried when we fell off our bikes, like we cried when our pet hamster died. Together.

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