This is the story of Jay, the most popular and handsome kid in school. When he is diagnosed with cancer, everything seems to go dark but when a beam of light called Sarah appears, he feels as if everything has changed.


2. Moment number 2.

The next day, at approximately 5:28 pm.

I ring the door bell with my left hand. My hand hand was carrying a broken bag and the only books I could salvage that weren't blown away when the handle on my bag snapped.

A fresh face brunette Sarah opened the door. 

"You are," She looked down at her watch covered wrist, "Two minutes early. Eager for science are you?" She turned around and signalled me to walk inside. I stepped in and wiped my battered converse on the slightly cheesy welcome mat. 

Down the hall, I saw a head full of shining blonde locks. It was Molly, leaning over the kitchen counter, her Father a few feet away with a concerned face. 

"You can't tell me what to do Dad! It's my life!" Molly half shouted, her shoulders tense.

I stared straight at Molly's Father until he angrily shut the door. 

"Sorry about that." Sarah led me upstairs. 

There's still a chance to hang out with Molly, the ambitious part of me foolishly believed. 

And so we sat down at Sarah computer desk. Her room was unusually clean and art work was neatly placed on each and every bit of wall, that I began to think there was no wallpaper. 

"Sorry for the mess," Although there wasn't any. "You want anything to eat?" I shake my head. 

"So where have you got up to?" Sarah broke my day dream.

"Sorry, what?" My vision moved to her from a canvas of a broken up vase.

"Where have you got up to in your assignment?" She exaggerated each word. 

"Um...I actually haven't," Awkward cough," Started it."

Sarah looked disappointed.

"Well, it's a damn good job I have. Here," She handed me a piece of paper that had answers neatly printed all over it. "I finished it days ago." She stood up.

"Then why did you invite me-"

"Because I like you, dummy." She paced the room, clearly nervous of what she had just said," But obviously, you are more interested in my sister. So copy my answers and kindly, leave." 

"No, I really did come here to see you, it's just..We should hang out." I tried to cover up my crappy behaviour. 

"Okay then. Let's hang out. But because of this mix up, we need to go alone so you don't ogle at my sister." 

"It's a deal." I hand her my phone," Put your number in and I'll call you." Of course I knew I wasn't going to. 

She beep-booped her number into my phone and I quickly scribbled down the first page of answers. Silently, Sarah showed me out, leaving me outside of her house with a useless bag and pile of papers, still no closer to Molly and probably even further away from passing my science class. 

So, I walked home.


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