Dan - The guy next door

Elizabeth was living out on her own for the first time, as she finds out her new neighbours are Dan and Phil. It's bad enough settling in, but trying to figure out her new moody neighbor Dan Howell becomes a challenge.
Also having to deal with her Narcolepsy, she was expecting to make friends with both Dan and Phil, to her shock realises they are famous Youtubers and Radio DJs.

Will Elizabeth adjust to her new life in London thanks to her new friends Dan and Phil, also could her conflicted feelings for Dan lead to possibly something more?!

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20. The decision

Upon our return home I received a letter from one of the many publishers I submitted my work to, I expected it to be another rejection letter or a set of corrections. I nearly collapsed to the floor in shock, I gasped to find they wanted to publish my book. But then I checked the address it was an book publishing company that was based in America, they were going to arrange a meeting and accommodation for me, as well as a contract. It required me to relocate to New York.

Up until then everything had been going so well. But my heart sank of the thought of moving to a different country. Leaving not only my family and friends, but Dan as well. He would never move away with me, his home and work was here in the UK. I was conflicted. Do I stay where I was in hope that maybe I’d get another offer? But let an opportunity for my dreams to come true pass by? Or go to America but leave my boyfriend?


I headed for a walk early in the morning, I had to clear my thoughts, it was such a big decision to make. I sat in an empty café, I glanced up to see Lucas, the guy who I went out with to annoy Dan. He was sat on the table not far away from me, he shyly waved at me. It was slightly awkward, but he was still nice to me even after what happened.

“Are you okay?” He asked, “I didn’t want to disturb you, you appeared to be in deep thought.”
I smiled thinly, “Oh I'm fine, well I don’t know…”
I peered up to him, I sighed, “Right if I tell you something will you not tell anyone? I need your opinion.”
His eyes widened, not sure what to expect, “Sure...?”
“Right if you had a choice to have your future career but leave everyone you love, or stay but not chase your dreams. Which one would you pick?”
“The second one, if it’s what you want to do then people who care about you will understand.”

I sighed as I placed my head on the table, “I had a feeling you’d say that.”
“Wait? You’re leaving?” Lucas said sounding surprised.

“I have a month to confirm the offer, then I’d need a few weeks to make the arrangements.”

He glanced down to his phone as he held his hand out to me, I shook it.
“Good luck with whatever you decide to do, Lizzie.” Lucas said happily.

I watched him scroll away, talking out loud had put it into a better perspective but if it wasn’t for Dan I would have left in a heart beat.


I was scared to face Dan, I had to tell him sometime, as I returned back to my apartment I spotted him unlocking his door.

“Hey Dan.” I said brightly, trying to not sound any different from usual.

His eyes seemed different, as if he was angry, no but disappointment? His brown eyes darted towards me, he couldn’t bear to look at me.

“Dan what is it?” I said feeling scared, did he know about the letter?

He quietly turned away from me and went into his apartment, I followed him confusingly.

“Talk to me!!” I cried.

Dan spun round, he snapped, “I want the ring back!”
“What? Why?”
“You broke your promise!”
“Dan you’re not making sense.”

He ruffled his fingers through his hair, he lowered his head, “If you didn’t love me then you should have told me.”
“Dan… What are you talking about!?”
He grabbed me back the shoulders, his eyes were tearful, my heart shattered at the sight.

“You and…Lucas today. I know.” He uttered.

My eyes widened, wait so he didn’t know about the letter then. A wave of relief washed over me.

I raised an eyebrow, “How did you know about that?”

“Amy spotted you together.” Dan stated.
I scoffed, “Since when have you believed anything Amy said?”
“Is it true?”
I smiled sadly as I gently placed my hand on his face, “I saw him in the café and we got talking, he’s an work mate. I couldn’t just ignore him.”
His shoulders relaxed, as he loosened his grip on me, I wrapped my arms around him, “You numpty. Don’t jump to conclusions, I hate seeing you so worked up.”

Dan hugged me back pulling me close, “I’m sorry, sometimes I feel like you would be better off with someone like Lucas.”
He shrugged, “I don’t know, you’re too good for me.”

My heart sank slightly, he really was sweet. The thought of leaving him killed me, I leaned my head on his chest. I didn’t want to lose Dan; maybe being by his side is more important than my own ambitions. I would never be truly happy if I was living my dream alone.


That night I had a dream, in the dream I was being yelled at by Dan and Phil after they found out about the letter.

“So you’re going to leave me to pick the pieces then?” Phil laughed bitterly.

I shook my head, “No I-“

“Long distance relationships don’t work, maybe I should have that promise ring back after all.” Dan said coldly, “I guess that ring means nothing to you, like I don’t either.”
“Dan that’s not true, I-“
He leaned towards my face with a cruel smile on his face, “You what? Love me? Why cant you even say it then?”

Dan shoved me to the ground, he and Phil stood over me, they weren’t listening to a word I was saying.

“But please I may not be going now-“
“I don’t care, do what you want. You bitch.” Dan hissed.

He slapped my face, I quickly woke up panting for air covered in sweat.

My heart was beating out of my chest, for the wrong reasons. A tear trailed down my cheek. I hated dream Dan and Phil they were so mean.


The following Sunday evening we headed into London together, I remained quiet as Dan and Phil discussed the schedule for the show. Dan took my hand as we waltzed up to the broadcasting building, he kissed my cheeks before he left.

As I turned round the corner, I overheard Amy’s voice.

“Oh hey Dan! Isn’t it great that Elizabeth got a book deal and could be moving to New York.”

I nearly crumbled to the ground, my heart stopped for a moment. I quickly walked round the corner to find only an opened mouth Dan in a state of disbelief. His broken smile on his pale face, I stared at him horrified that he found out this way. He shook his head and sped away, Amy stood dumbfounded.

“Oh didn’t he know?” She gasped.

I ignored her, as I chased after Dan, that stupid girl how did she find out? Then I realised that Lucas must have told her the truth why we were seen together in the café. All I cared about now was explaining myself to Dan.


I found him at the back of building, Phil was doing the show alone due to Dan’s sudden outburst. My heart was aching, I panted for air as I stood in front of him.
“Dan it’s not what you think.”
“Then what is it then… Why didn’t you tell me?” He uttered dimly.

I smiled trying to sound upbeat, “It doesn’t matter now, I’m not going to accept it I’m staying here with you.”

“Is that meant to make me feel better?” His voice sounded even darkier.

My heart pounded, I was confused, “I thought you’d be happy.”
He shook his head as he laughed bitterly, “You really don’t get it.”
“What’s to get it? I don’t want to leave if it means not being with you! See I’m keeping my promise!” I cried as I clutched my ringed hand.

Dan cornered me against the wall, he seemed to have a cruel smile on his lips, “You really don’t have to do that.”

He suddenly grabbed my hand and jerked the ring off my finger, I gasped, “What are you doing?!”
“Don’t let me hold you back, you’re free. The promise is gone.”

Was he trying to make me feel bad for wanting to achieve my dreams? I felt like I was talking to a different person. Dan began to walk away, I watched in disbelief.

“But Dan… I thought you would want me to stay!” I called.
He didn’t turn to look at me, “We both know that you were going to go either way.”  

“So you’re not even going to fight for me!!” I yelled angrily.

He quietly disappeared; he didn’t return back inside, I don’t know where he went. But all I know was that was the day Dan broke up with me.

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