Dan - The guy next door

Elizabeth was living out on her own for the first time, as she finds out her new neighbours are Dan and Phil. It's bad enough settling in, but trying to figure out her new moody neighbor Dan Howell becomes a challenge.
Also having to deal with her Narcolepsy, she was expecting to make friends with both Dan and Phil, to her shock realises they are famous Youtubers and Radio DJs.

Will Elizabeth adjust to her new life in London thanks to her new friends Dan and Phil, also could her conflicted feelings for Dan lead to possibly something more?!

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18. Question & Answer

I hate keeping secrets, it was Dan’s fault not mine. Phil was bound to find out eventually, I'm suprised he didnt figure it out sooner. Dan and Phil had to get ready for Vidcon quite early in the morning; I set my alarm so I could at least go down and have breakfast with them before they left for the day.

Phil didn’t mention about the previous incident, I really did feel guilty; he must think he was a third wheel now. As we ate our breakfast together, Phil finally said something relating to last night.

“So how long have you been having sex then?”

Dan nearly choked on his glass of orange juice; I nearly spat out my bowl of coco pops all over the table.

I laughed feeling uncomfortable with Phil's sudden interest, “No no... Not quite”
“So you were going to?”
“Phil why do you care?” Dan groaned.
“Just curious.”

Dan’s face was bright red, “I already told you what happened, you walked in and that was it.”
I faced Phil, “But I did tell Dan to tell you that we were going out.”
“Which we are to confirm, Liz.”
“Thank you.”
“You seemed cozy on the flight here; also it’s always been obvious you like each other.”

I shrugged, “He did tell me but I didn’t believe you...”
“What? What did he tell you?” Dan interrogated me.
I tapped my nose quietly, Phil smiled, “He rushed off yesterday too, also lots of people saw you on the beach together.”
“Ah fans.” Dan sighed, “They’re probably going to ask that at the panel today..”

Phil nudged Dan, I raised an eyebrow as Dan handed me a V.I.P pass.

“You can come with us if you want, instead of being by yourself.”
“Really? Are you sure?”

They nodded, I was unsure, “I won’t get in the way will I?”
“No of course not, also everyone keeps asking me where you are.” Dan uttered.
I raised an eyebrow, “Everyone..?”
“Our other friends, also I think Chris and Tom want to apologise for new years eve.” Phil reminded me.
“Oh yeah, well it’ll be nice to see you in action.” I beamed.

Dan’s eyes brightened, “Really? Are you sure? Will you be okay-“

“Yes it’s fine.”


As I wondered through the convention centre it was buzzing with people, there were lots of cameras with editing software to film people in slow motion, then plenty of stalls full of merchandise and autograph stalls where different Youtubers would be each day. There were meet ups and events on the main stage, such as question and answer sessions. I watched from the side of the stage as they got ready to go on stage, I didn’t want to distract Dan so I left him be as I remained backstage. I bumped into Chris and a dark haired blue eyed boy.

“Oh hey Lizzie!” Chris said brightly, he wasn't nearly as loud compared to the last time I saw him.

The blue eyed boy held out his hand as I shook it, “Nice to finally meet you I’m PJ.”

“Ah so you’re PJ. I heard Dan speak about you.” I chirped.

“So and you Dan dating?” PJ wondered.
I nodded, remembering that we actually were now, which still was weird to say out loud.

“Yep going well so far.” I laughed, recalling last night it was going VERY well indeed.

Chris' eyes widened as he exclaimed cunningly, “I knew it! Knew it!”
“But we only been going out for a few months.” I mumbled.

“Dan seems to be a very happy man thanks to you.” PJ chimed politely.

We looked up to the TV screen showing Dan and Phil on stage, I raised an eyebrow, “Really because of me?”

I stared up at the screen as he sat on stage with Phil and the interviewers fans asked him questions, it happened when I was watching when something happened.
“Will Elizabeth be in anymore videos? She’s really funny.”
Dan seemed to have a permanent grin on his face, as he gazed up, he remained quiet.

Phil laughed, “Well if she wants to be, she has Narcolepsy so whenever she feels alert and whenever we have an idea where we can drag her into doing a video with her.”
“Dan are you going red?” The interviewer teased, noticing his blemished cheeks.

I smirked, my heart was beating heavily, another person asked a question, “Do you like Elizabeth?”

Dan bit his lip before nodding, “Very much.”

The audience collectively awed, Phil nudged Dan as he spotted me from the left wing of the stage. His eyes beamed as he held out his hand out to me, I didn’t care that there were lots of girls watching, all I saw was Dan. I stepped out onto the stage; the interviewer seemed a bit shocked.

“Oh and is this Elizabeth?”
The audience squealed and cheered as I stood closely beside Dan, he held my hand proudly. My heart was doing somersaults. My legs felt slightly wobbly but Dan kept me up straight, the rest of the question and answer surrounded us dating then videos, but it was nice I felt quite welcomed.

I didn’t hang about long after that; I was beginning to feel tired so I headed back to the hotel for a nap. When I woke up to find it was early in the evening, when Dan and Phil got back we had a late tea together.

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