Dan - The guy next door

Elizabeth was living out on her own for the first time, as she finds out her new neighbours are Dan and Phil. It's bad enough settling in, but trying to figure out her new moody neighbor Dan Howell becomes a challenge.
Also having to deal with her Narcolepsy, she was expecting to make friends with both Dan and Phil, to her shock realises they are famous Youtubers and Radio DJs.

Will Elizabeth adjust to her new life in London thanks to her new friends Dan and Phil, also could her conflicted feelings for Dan lead to possibly something more?!

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5. Pancakes and Tea

I awoke the next morning expecting to be in my apartment, so I was surprised to find Dan sleeping nearby. Then I soon remembered what happened.

Luckily nobody robbed my apartment, so I went back to change into a fresh pair of clothes. I usually wore over-sized jumpers and a pair on jeans with converse. I combed my hair back and put it into a ponytail. I recalled Dan running his fingers through his hair. I never thought about it too much at the time. Why would he do that if he only saw me as a friend?

I wondered back to Dan and Phil's apartment to be greeted by the scent of pancakes.

"I want to make her pancakes!" Dan barked.
Phil looked confusedly at him,"Since when did you want to cook?"
"I'm just in the pancake mood."
"Or you're in the I want to impress Elizabeth mood?"
Dan rolled his eyes,"Why do you call her Elizabeth?"
"That's her name."
"Yeah well.... It's weird."
"I'll have lemon and sugar on mine please." I told them cheekily.

They both spun round to find me stood by the kitchen counter, Phil flinched dramatically, "Ah you scared us!"

Dan laughed strangely, "How long have you been there?"

"From when you said pancake mood."

It was fun to have people who willingly wanted to make you pancakes. Until Dan began burning his pancake and nearly set the kitchen on fire. Me and Phil rushed to intervene but we weren't much help.

"Can I help?" I asked Dan.
Dan had an determined look, "I can do it, I have made pancakes before I just got distracted-"
"Please, I don't mind but I'm bored of watching you struggle. It can only be amusing for so long." I admitted.
He quietly narrowed his eyes, I stood beside him as I poured the pancake mixture into the heated pan. Phil was eating his own pancake happily at the dining table, whilst I made a pancake with Dan. As I began flipping the pancake I almost dropped it.

"Whoa watch it, I want to eat today!"
"Who said this was for you?" Dan teased.
"It's my pan."
"And it's my pancake."
"It's my house."
I placed my hands on my hips, "If you wanted a woman to make you a pancake you should get your mum to do it for you then."
Dan chuckled, "Have you always been this feisty?"
"Yeah but most the time you only seen me crying or yelling at you in an non sassy manor."

"Sass. I like." He said giving me a wink.

I felt my cheeks turn red but I remained composed as I ate my pancake at the table. I could see Dan making his own pancake in the kitchen. He was tall, but skinny. It wasn't the worse sight.

"You're checking him out too." Phil commented.

I turned my head to him, his eyes widened, "No I didn't mean I was. I meant- Sorry."

I smiled, "I was simply observing. You know so there isn't another fire."
All the sudden there was a bright light from the kitchen, me and Phil slowly turned our heads to see Dan running in with a flaming pan.

We all screamed, I quickly shoved him back in the kitchen, "Dan put it in the sink!!"

"You're gonna set off the smoke alarm-"
The smoke alarm sounded and the sprinklers turned on, causing us all to be soaking. Me and Phil stared at Dan coldly, he smiled awkwardly, "I guess maybe I should leave the pancake making to you and Phil from now on then."


Our neighbors weren't exactly thrilled about being awaken by the fire alarm first thing in the morning. Luckily the sprinklers only switched on in Dan and Phil's apartment.

"Nothing got damaged did it?" I asked as we stood in the hallway.

He shook his head, "No the Xbox is safe as well as other stuff."
"Are you sure you don't want a pancake?"
"You said you didn't want to make me one."
"I know but I feel sorry for you after all those people yelling.... At you." I sighed.

"No its fine really." He reassured, "Do you want to come into town with me?"
He placed his hands in his pockets, "Why not?"

"Is Phil coming?"
"Why do you want him to?" His voice sounding more serious.

"Well I-"
"He's busy... Aren't you Phil?" Dan asked.
"Oh yes, very busy."
I looked back at Phil as he played on his 3DS, he didn't appear to look so busy. There was joke going on that I wasn't included on.

I raised an eyebrow, , "Okay then, I'll get my bag."

London was a large crowded place. There was no time to stop and breathe. Or you'd get lost in the sea of people.

Dan headed towards the game shops and places where they sold anime stuff. It was fun at first, I actually did like anime and playing games. But he took forever browsing. He was struggling whether to choose an Pokemon white game or the black game, both Pokemon so I couldn't see the problem.

After a good twenty minutes we left the game shop, he would have stayed longer if I was moaning about being bored. I sat on a bench close by, he raised an eyebrow.

"What are you doing?"
"Sitting." I simply said.

His eye twitched slightly as he got annoyed, "Well don't you want to go anywhere else?"
"You should have brought Phil with you if you were just going to drag me about." I sighed.
Dan placed his hands in his pockets as he glanced away,"Well I wanted to look in those places."
"But you don't see me dragging you into fashion shops!"
"Do you want to go there then?"
"No! I want to do something interesting." I told him.

"What then?"
"You have lived here longer! Show a girl a good time.... In an non alcoholic manner."

He smiled, "Okay! Come on then, my lady!"
"Really? Oh I thought that would be too much to ask from you."
"No not at all! Lets go the life on the edge awaits!"

I sat in tea rooms with Dan. I watched him casually sip his tea and picking at the small finger sandwiches that we ordered. This was completely the opposite of what I was expecting. Especially from him. I wasn't too sure if he was mocking me or that he actually enjoyed this kind of thing.

"Drink your tea or it'll go cold." Dan advised.

I blinked out of my thoughts, I had been blankly staring ahead for a few minutes. I began drinking my tea, glancing up at him now and then.

"What is it?" He asked without even looking  at me.

My heart pounded heavily, I laughed awkwardly, "You like places like this?"
"I wouldn't take you here if I didn't. Why don't you?"
"No I like it here. I've been a few tea rooms before, but nothing as posh as this. I didn't think you would like places like this."

"Well I have only gone once with Phil and a friend from abroad. I've started coming here ever since."
"On your own?"

He shrugged lowing his gaze, "Yes. But not all the time, I mean it's quite pricey.. Whenever I felt like a treat."
I pouted my lips as I pulled a sad face,"Aw bless."

"Shut up." He smiled as he rolled his eyes.

"I have to be careful with hot liquids." I said to him with a shaken breath, "Cataplexy and tea hadn't mixed so well in the past... But all my mother use to worry about was whether I spill any of it on the coach."

"I'll remember for next time. Also to keep you away from my coach." He smirked.

I looked up at him, "Don't worry I wont be back at your apartment anytime soon."
"Why not?"

"It's clear that I'm not going to be in anymore of your Youtube videos."

"Is it? Last time I checked you were going to use my popularity to promote yourself."
"Well I don't want to do that. I need to do that on my own."

"You weren't saying that when I got you that job."
"Yeah well jobs are hard to come across."
"So are successful authors."

I bit my lip as he was testing my patience, "Well this is different. I'm different, if I didn't believe was good enough I wouldn't bother would I?"

"So that's why you moved to London, to have a better chance to publish your stuff?"
I shrugged, "Partly yes. But to prove that I can live it out on my own."
"You did a great job doing that so far."
"Yes I think I have considering." I said.

He gazed at me, he softly smiled, "A few weeks ago you would have worried about what I said. But now you seem more sure of yourself."
"I'm fed up of people contradicting me, like our boss at the Radio station. I'm going to quit my job and find a new one."
"But didn't you just say...?"
"I'm sure there's other jobs, with staff who treat their workers nicer and better wages-"

"I like seeing you." Dan blurted.

I froze as I shot my eyes towards him, his face was red. He rose from his seat abruptly, he took his jacket and walked out. Leaving me behind sat  alone at the table.


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