Dan - The guy next door

Elizabeth was living out on her own for the first time, as she finds out her new neighbours are Dan and Phil. It's bad enough settling in, but trying to figure out her new moody neighbor Dan Howell becomes a challenge.
Also having to deal with her Narcolepsy, she was expecting to make friends with both Dan and Phil, to her shock realises they are famous Youtubers and Radio DJs.

Will Elizabeth adjust to her new life in London thanks to her new friends Dan and Phil, also could her conflicted feelings for Dan lead to possibly something more?!

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22. New York (END)

I woke up the next morning alone; I raised my head still in disbelief of what happened. I lost my virginity to Dan Howell, I laid back on my bed as I squealed into my pillow happily. But then I realised, where was he? I wondered if it was a highly realistic dream, but when I stepped out of bed and I was naked, that proved it wasn’t and other things as well.

I got changed as I soon remember that I was leaving for New York tomorrow morning, I sighed sadly. How could I leave now after last night? I stepped out of my bedroom to find Dan in his underwear making breakfast. My face brightened, he smiled warmly, “Morning sleeping beauty.”

He kissed my cheek as he passed by, I was in a slight trance, he was too good to be true. I soon noticed he was cooking and the place wasn’t up in flames.

“Wait you can cook?”
“Pancakes, I know I’ve had practice.” He said as he wriggled his eyebrows.

I sat at the table as I watched him carefully, I smiled softly, “I’m really going to miss you.”

He placed the plate in front of me, “Sugar, lemon?”
I lowered my gaze as my eyes filled with tears; he knelt down to me, “Liz…”
Dan pulled me into his arms, “It’s okay I’ll visit, also we can Skype each other every day…”
“But it wouldn’t be the same.” I sniffed.
He bounced up onto his feet, “I didn’t want to ruin the surprise… But I don’t want to see you upset for the rest of the day.”
“Surprise? What do you mean?” I asked confusingly.

Dan sighed as rummaged through his jacket pocket, he placed the promise ring box on the table.
“Yes I wanted that ring back…”
“No open it.” He ordered.
I opened it but there was something different about it, there was a note saying ‘I’m coming with you.’

My eyes widened, “What? You mean?!”
He nodded, “I’m coming America with you! If you want me to-“
I leapt up and wrapped my arms round Dan, “Yes! I'd love that!!”

He kissed my lips, I smiled, “Are you sure its okay? What about Phil and work-“
“Life goes on, also Phil is happy with it.”

I laughed as he picked me up and spun me round, “When did you decide you were coming with me?”
“A few days ago, I sorted everything out. So its fine.”
I couldn’t believe Dan would do that for me, leave his radio show and Phil, I really believed he wasn’t going to stay. I never felt happier.


The next day, we had a tearful farewell with Phil; he promised he would visit soon. Dan took my hand as we stood in the airport terminal, he looked towards me. We had no idea what the future had in store but as long as we had each other that’s all that was important.

“Ready?” Dan asked me.

I felt nervous but when I met eyes with Dan I felt unstoppable. I nodded, “Yep!”

We both saved up and moved into a house on the outskirts of New York, as the years followed I went on tour as I promoted my book and Dan remained by my side. Of course he still did his vlogging but this time it was different, he filmed our journeys together and viewers seemed to like our love hate relationship.

“OMG Danibeth is so cute!” A fan commented on one of many videos.

Surprisingly Phil got a house next door to ours not long after, so we were back together again which was nice. My mum and dad were very proud of me, also my parents obviously knew of mine and Dan’s relationship.


I was now nearly 24 years old and I had been with Dan for a good 6 years, we have our ups and downs but we were a team.

Dan knocked on the door as I looked up from my writing desk; he had been out for the day filming a new video with Phil and others.

I smiled, “How did it go?”
“Great, I missed you though.” He admitted as he kissed my cheek.

“Well I don’t got time when I have to meet the deadline for the editor.”

“I know… But could you have a break and come for a walk with me?”

I sighed giving into those big brown eyes, “Okay then…”
He took my hand as we walked to Manhattan park, we came here almost every day when we first moved to New York. Suddenly Dan stopped and faced me, “I know the last six years haven’t been easy and I don’t tell you how much you mean to me enough but…”
“Dan.. What are you doing?” I asked feeling nervous.

He smirked, “Can’t you shut up for one moment?”

I pouted my lips as my face grew red; Dan’s eyes met mine as if it was for the first time.

“There’s no one else I want to spend the rest of my days with, so…”

I gasped realising what was going; he knelt down as he rummaged through his pocket for a box.

“Dan stop it. Is this a joke? Is this for real? Dan!” I cried confusingly.

He laughed, “You’re ruining the moment Liz.”

My eyes grew tearful as he said the words, “Will you marry me?”

Dan caught me as I fell forward, “Are you okay-“
“Yes.” I whispered.

We were both on the ground; he placed the ring on my finger.

I knocked Dan of his feet as I kissed his lips, all the sudden a camera crew was around us.

He shrugged, “I forgot to mention were being filmed. I wanted to remember this moment.”
I didn’t really careless or pay attention to the cameras, I was completely smitten over Dan.

“I love you.”

He pulled me close, “I love you too.”

Phil randomly appeared as well as the rest of our friends, they clapped happily as we rose to our feet. Fireworks shot across the night sky, it was magical. I grabbed Dan by the collar unexpectedly and embraced his kiss.

He seemed to be in a trance; I smiled awkwardly, “Oh sorry.”

“No it’s fine...Really.” Dan smirked as he wrapped his arms around me.

I never intended to fall in love, it was one of the last things I wanted to do. I always tried to avoid the situation as much as possible. Since I knew it was to only end in meaningless heart ache and sleepless nights. But when it happened to be the person I least expected, I never hated myself so much for doing so. Yet Dan Howell was the best decision I ever made.


The end... <3


I hope you all liked that!! I'm sorry it had so many chapters, also some chapters were easy to split up, so that's why some were longer than others. Thank you to all who were patient and followed along, that really motivated me to update!! I don't got any plans to do another Danisnotonfire story, but if I do have any ideas in the future I will definitely publish it on here.

Also I actually have Narcolepsy with Cataplexy, so I feel like this is a good way to educate people on the condition, since I know a lot of people use Narcolepsy for their fan fics and they can be quite inaccurate. So yes very grateful you like it. :) xxx


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