Dan - The guy next door

Elizabeth was living out on her own for the first time, as she finds out her new neighbours are Dan and Phil. It's bad enough settling in, but trying to figure out her new moody neighbor Dan Howell becomes a challenge.
Also having to deal with her Narcolepsy, she was expecting to make friends with both Dan and Phil, to her shock realises they are famous Youtubers and Radio DJs.

Will Elizabeth adjust to her new life in London thanks to her new friends Dan and Phil, also could her conflicted feelings for Dan lead to possibly something more?!

My fanfic playlist: http://8tracks.com/misspetalface/the-boy-next-door


1. Moving in

I never intended to fall in love, it was one of the last things I wanted to do. I always tried to avoid the situation as much as possible. Since I knew it was to only end in meaningless heart ache and sleepless nights. But when it happened to be the person I least expected, I never hated myself so much for doing so. Yet it was the best decision I had ever made.


I arrived to a block of studio apartments in London. It was my first time living alone in such a big city, miles away from my family who lived on the opposite end of the country. I stumbled out of the taxi and yanked my suitcase out of the car boot, "T...Thanks."

I rumaged my pockets to unravel the note of the address. I glared up to the building, I was at the right place. I gulped before proceeding inside.

I climbed the stair way thinking I could handle it. Yet carrying a heavy suitcase to the third floor wasn't the easiest of tasks.

As I reached only the first floor, I grunted as my suitcase $malfunctioned as the handle would extend any further. I placed my foot on the suitcase pulling it with all my might for it to extend further, all the sudden as I violent jerked my arm back it extended. Then I soon realised I had punched my elbow into somebody's stomach who happened to be coming down the stairs. I heard a strained gasp, I looked up to see a boy keeling over against the wall.

I dropped my suitcase to rush to his aid, which led to it dropping on his foot, he cried out  in agony even more.

"Ah I... I'm so sorry!!"

"No... No it's fine... Really." He said with a pained smile, trying to hide his frustration

I picked up the suitcase quickly, "I was having problems with my suitcase and I didn't realise anyone was coming, if I knew-"
The dark haired boy smirked faintly as he looked up at me, "It happens, it was a accident."
"Are you sure you're okay though?"

"Yeah yeah." He nodded before peering down to my suitcase, "Are you staying over or moving in?"
"Moving in... Well I need to buy stuff, but for now this is all I've got..."

There was a strange silence as he stared at me,I glanced up at the tall boy, "Why do you live here?"
He blinked back to reality as he half smiled, "Oh yeah third floor."
"M...Me too. Well not yet, not until I get there... Well see you then."
He began to walk away until he noticed me having problems, again.

"Do you need help with that?"
I quietly nodded, this guy felt familiar to me, yet I knew I had never met him before in my life.


"Oh Jason and Matt use to live here, I never spoke to them. But yeah they moved out a few weeks ago." He told me as we arrived to my apartment.

I opened the door to find a clean luxury studio apartment, I grinned, "Wow its so nice."
"You get what you pay for."

I looked back towards the odd boy, "My name is Elizabeth by the way, if you wondered."
"Dan, my flat mate is Phil. Dark hair, same height as me,but well...Pale."

My eyes widened slightly, somehow I felt as if I already knew this. But I didn't, I only just met the guy, it didn't make sense.

"Oh right." I laughed faintly.

Dan stood next to the door, "Leave you to it then."
"Thanks!" I called as he closed the door behind him.

I stood in the empty apartment, I glanced towards the window overlooking London. This was such a risk, making it on my own.


I began placing posters and photographs on my bed room wall, I sighed as silence surrounded me. Until I heard mumbled voices and the sound of laughter from outside, I poked my head out of the door. Was it that boy from before with his room mate?

I pondered maybe to introduce myself properly. Since injuring one of your new neighbors, then making them carry your suitcase wasn't the best first impression.

As I was about to knock on the door, it swung open. Dan stood there gazing at me, not saying anything, his brown eyes seemed tense. It slammed shut in my face, I stood in disbelief and felt like crawling under a stone and returning to my apartment.

But something stirred inside of me, I frowned knocking fiercely on the door, "Hey! You could have broke my nose!!"

A equally as tall, dark haired paler looking guy opened the door. His eyes were a nice icey shade of blue.

The boy smiled politely, "Hi, you're Elizabeth, right?"
My anger disappeared as I chirped, "Yes I am. I presume you're Phil?"
He shook my hand, "Nice to meet you, do you want to join us for your welcome dinner?"
My eyes brightened, "Really? You didn't have to!"

I noticed Dan waving his arms about in the background shaking his head towards Phil. I darted my eyes towards him, he stopped immediately. He was a lot more well mannered this morning, now he was acting like a spoiled school boy.

We sat to a meal of spaghetti, it was extremely nice which was relieving after a long day of traveling.

"Where about are you from Elizabeth?" Phil asked curiously who sat opposite me.
"Near Manchester."
He looked across to Dan who sat beside him, "Oh we use to live up there didn't we Dan?"
He seemed zoned out then looked up sounding uninterested, "Oh yeah we did."
"Dan use to go university round there, then we became friends and we got a apartment in the city centre." Phil said.
"Why did you move here then?" I wondered.
"Friends and work was down here."
"I don't really know anyone here, there are more opportunities and it's the best place to be for what I hope to do." I explained.

"What job do you want then?"
"Well I'd like to become an author.... What do you do?"
Phil began,"Were erm..."
"Radio presenters." Dan continued, "Just because it's different doesn't mean you can't say it."
"That's cool." I beamed, "When I was little I use to pretend I had my own radio show on my karaoke machine..."
Phil laughed, Dan couldn't had seemed more fed up.

Phil pulled Dan to one side as they cleaned up the dishes, "Why are you being so rude, Dan?"
"I want to go back on my laptop, I have to edit that video for tonight." Dan grunted.
"I know but she's got no one else and you came up with the idea of her coming round."
"Yeah well I thought you were going out-"
I stood stiffly by the doorway, "Well I got to go, I'm exhausted."
"You look it." Dan stated, referring to the bags under my eyes.

I lowered my head, Phil nudged him, "Dan..."
I left after saying a quick goodbye, to be honest I was always exhausted. I had Narcolepsy, which meant I was always tired. I always had to try harder than everyone else to seem normal, I usually wear concealer underneath my eyes to hide the lack of sleep I get. As soon as I laid on my bed, I was asleep within a minute.

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