Jelsa @ Hogwarts

Jack Frost is a sweet caring young man that is completely head over heels over Elsa Arendelle, a beautiful independent young woman who is wickedly smart and is not interested in love. Read as we are set in Hogwarts, school of Witch-Craft and Wizardry were we look into amazing adventures with the Big Four. DISCLAIMER: All of the pictures shown in this Movella are not mine and belong to the amazing Lime-Hael on DeviantART!


3. Good Luck, Buddy!



Jack had just finished recounting the first day he had ever seen Elsa to his good Gryffindor friend, Merida. He finished off his story with a sad sentiment,

“Since that day, I’ve never seen Elsa…”

“Oohh…” Responds an amused Merida.

Just then, a certain familiar face walks past and greets the pair as if they were old friends.

“Hi, Merida! Hi, Jack!” Says Elsa.

“Hello, Elsa-”

“Hi-” Responds Jack without so much as looking up. Jack continues to mope and daydream about his one time encounter with the love of his life.

As Elsa walks past without a second glance, Merida begins to stare at Jack as if to wonder what is wrong with him. Seeing as Jack is too bone-headed to actually notice her stare Merida coughes,

“Ahem!!! SHE WAS ELSA”

Startled Jack looks up. Confused by Merida’s sudden outburst, Jack looks around to find Elsa. Loe and behold, there she is, but she is quickly walking away from him and out of sight, never to be found again.

Jack, to try and talk to Elsa runs after her without giving Merida a second thought, all the while yelling, “Eeelsaaaa!”

Elsa turns abruptly and is caught off guard when she sees Jack barreling towards her.

“What the-?!” She wonders.


Merida just shakes her head, and leaves Jack and Elsa alone to give them some privacy. She is smirking as she walks away while quietly whispering,

“Good luck, Jack”

Rapunzel, who had just then caught up to her red-headed friend, questions,

“Why are you smiling?”

“Nothing” Responds Merida.




Sorry for the INCREDIBLY long wait! (2 years is way too long for such a simple fanfic)

I am a pretty new writer, and because of this I'm still not sure if writing these little stories is even worth my time. Regardless, I will try to continue and hash these out!



FYI- These pictures are all by the incredibly talented Lime Hael on DevianART. (Look her up!)


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