Forbidden: Vamps and Werewolves

Ashley is a Vampire she didn't want to be but she was now you see she had a lover when she was sixteen since before she was turned but her lover well let's just say was a werewolf Louis Tomlinson and his pack are werewolves Louis Tomlinson Loved Ashley with all his heart but they were torn apart when she was turned to a vampire they both still loved each other but couldn't be together.


2. Chapter Two: New Love or no?

Authors note: I would like to thank Maddie_loves_fanfictions and Toxichorse12 for the comments and since you two have I'm deciding I'm gonna add you two in my third chapter if you want to pick your names then comment on this chapter thanks!

Ashley's P.O.V.

"So how did you like your first performance?" Ashton asks and I smiled.

"It was amazing only if the lads were here they would so be doing random shit" I laughed at that and sighed.

"I'm going out alone" I said getting up and leaving.

"Okay but be careful" Michael said before I made it out the door and I was walking around town when I was pushed up against a wall the lads breathed reeked of alcohol and I was struggling out of his grip it seemed as if he was a vampire as well.

"Get off of me" I hissed/growled and pushed him off of me as he slid on the ground.

"Babe please let me have that body of yours" he said and he knew what he was doing so I walked off but he grabbed my wrist and pulled me back slamming me against the wall and I slapped him as it didn't hurt me at all.

"Get off of me you fuck face" I hissed punch him in the face and kneed him in his crotch area and he leaned over and groaned and I took off running and made it back to the tour bus unnoticed and I walked to an abandoned room and slid down the wall running my hands through my hair as I was stressed out from all events that's happened in the past few days.

"Ashley what's wrong?" Luke asks me and I shrugged.

"Leave me alone please" I said and he sighed and left the room.

Luke's P.O.V.

Ashley has been so secretive lately like she is seeing someone but whom? She hasn't talked to anyone of us in a while I wonder what her problem is and what she is doing.

"What is she doing that has to be so secretive?" Calum asks curiously and I shrugged.

"Maybe she is seeing someone" I suggested and their eyes widened and Ashley came in from outside the bus and looked at us for a minute then walked to the room she went to the day she went for a walk she hasn't played another show yet she said she just wasn't up for it there has to be something up with her.

"Maybe let's just wait and follow her tomorrow" Ashton said.

"How about you go alone because she will notice us four following her" I said and he nodded.

"Alright" Ashton said and hours later he followed her to where she was going and when he came back he looked frightened.

"She was with two other girls but one is a wolf and the other is a vampire and they are like best friends" Ashton said wide eyes and we were wide eyed. Ashley came in with a small smile playing on her lips as she went into the kitchen and made some food eating and going to the back room.

"Well now we know what's going on she has made friends but she can't with one of them because of the wolf part but it's up to her to do whatever she wants" I said and rolled my eyes.

Ashley's P.O.V.

I think the lads are getting suspicious of my two friends their girls of course I just wished one of them couldn't be a secret to the lads I haven't spoken to them because I know I wouldn't be able to keep my mouth shut.

"Ashley please quit giving us the silent treatment at least tell us where you have been going" Calum whined.

"I have been going to places" I mumbled and stopped talking after that point and all I wanted to do was sleep and only sleep and not be disturbed not even from food.

Authors note: Sorry so short I just wanted to do a quickie and I promise the next chapter will be longer and better I hope you at least like it of what I did write and I will do what I can next chapter with the length. Thanks for reading!

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