The Beggining To The End

Mia is a normal 19 year old girl who loves sports and singing. But what will happens if she run into one direction and falls in love with Louis will it help her through her life or will it tear her apart?? Read and you will go through her life day by day.


5. packing my stuff


     Mia's p.o.v.



     As soon as she slapped me I got really mad. I then slapped her and she said “ you want to go bitch " right after she said that she punched me in the stomachs winced at the pain but slowly got up and punched her in the eye. After I punched her reallllly mad because no one has done anything like that to her, she then started to kick and punch me and I fell to the ground. Then I heard five voices and Mrs. Waterhouse standing there watching everything  “ Chelsea you are grounded and you don't get any electronics for a month." After that she was so mad that she started to beat me more and I felt a pair.of hands pick me up and bring me to my room.   I sat on my bed crying when I think Liam came in and fixed all of my cuts and put medicine on my bruises.  “ Are you ok love, do you need anything at all???" “ No not right now thanks." We sat there talking for another ten minutes and then Louis,Harry,Niall,and.Zayn came in.  “ so what are you all doing here I mean.I know you are adopting someone but what are you doing talking to me there are.a lot of prettier girls then me??" “ love you are getting adopted by Zyan so I suggest you pack your bags so we can catch our plane to England." “ well ok but I might need some help I have a lot of clothing because I have a job and I pay for it all so yeah." After they said yes and we packed all of my.stuff into a bunch of suitcase then we went down stairs and I heard the bitch scream “ have fun hoe no wonder why they adopted you your a slut and you have to have sex with them." With that I got sick of it so I screamed “ well at least I get electronics for a month unlike some people" with that she was so pissed she charged at me and I quickly.moved out  way and she hurt her head.on the wall.  I started  laugh a lot and she.charged at me then she actually hit me that time and I was sooooo mad then when I got up I slapped her and then we broke out into a fight and I felt four hands trying to get me off her but I wouldn't stop and then four hands tried to her and me to stop fighting . But we wouldn't give up I was so sick of her being a birch to me I unleashed my power and.I.could tell then she finally got away from me but I was not even started then when I went  go after her I got thrown over Niall's shoulder so  couldn't move and I was so mad.  After they got me to calm down we went out to the car and they grabbed my bags since I was still over Niall's shoulder once we got into to the car told that it was a two and a half hour drive so I put head phones in and listened to music while.I fell asleep.

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