To sleep, perchance to dream

This is my entry for the Fault in our Stars competition, on how I would've ended it. The name comes from Shakespeare(much like the a Fault in our stars title) and it means what happens after we die, do we dream, etc?
It's your you believe this story, or is it just Gus dreaming?
(If you have any problems or feedback just comment it)


2. Meetings&Mournings

I walk out of the meeting feeling emptier than ever. My leg is aching and I drag it as I walk. I feel no comfort after sharing my story, it was met with bland requests 'maybe add something here' or 'hm, cut this bit out'. I had to bite my tongue to stop myself from arguing back, that this was Hazels life and none of it could be forgotten. I wanted to carry our story on, to carry her life on.  As I walk down the street, I meet many stares, noddings of heads, and some small hellos. I rarely get out of the house now, so for people to see me it's like a sighting of big foot. I grumble a small response and hobble on, hoping for the cancer enriched life of me that they don't watch me walk off and jeer at me.  Usually I seek solitude, and now I do. I want nothing more than my own thoughts in my head. Until I bump into an unexpected character...

please let me know if you want me to continue or not, as I don't know if anyone will keep up with it x

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