That night


2. Chloe?

Me and ash search for Chloe everywhere! No where to be seen we spot the tall blonde guy she was talking with earlier "hey, me and Ashton saw you taking my friend Chloe have you seen her anywhere we are worried sick she's been missing for almost 2 hours and this is a huge party!

"Well I don't know where she" is the tall blonde replied and then ran off to meet with his friends

I told ash "he looks pretty suspicious don't you think?"

"Yes something's definitely up with him" Ashton replies looking pretty worried.

We should just kinda follow him around and see what he does see if he ACTUALLY doesn't know where she went.

We wait another hour just to see what happens the party is coming to an end and still no sign of Chloe.

I think to myself do you think Ali-- OH NO I KNOW WHERE SHE IS!

I grab Ashton take him to my car and drive over to Alison's, Ali was one of Chloe's best friends in primary school but then Chloe started hanging out with new people aka me jazmine and Kayla we are still good friends now but that's not the point, Ali had some issues at home with her parents fighting,abusing her and divorcing it was a hard time for her but I don't understand why she would take it out on Chloe it doesn't make any sense!

Alison's was far away so I took this shortcut which maybe cuts off about 10 minutes which was pretty smart if u do say myself.

I start panicking and start wondering what Ali could do to Chloe i think Ashton can see me worry I have to try and hide it it's not working.

Ashton's p.o.v

Maddys starting to shiver and I can see she's worrying a lot I don't know what to do to calm her down, we'll I have a slight idea but i mean I only known her for a couple of hours and I think it's kinda moving to quickly but I will take it slow.

Maddys p.o.v

I see Ashton's coming closer and his soft hands are coming near mine slowly over lapping them and holding them tight "it's ok maddy it will be 100% fine if I'm around I will never let anyone hurt you or your friend now don't be scared sweety Ashton's here" he says with a smile.

The rest of the trip was abit easier because of what ash said he really calmed me down.

It only took about 2 more minutes to get there so we carefully step out of the car and make our way to her door,we see nothing nobody's home but only a torn up note on the steps it says "if your smart enough to find this your little whore Chloe is with me and let's just say she's not having a great time good luck finding us -Alison "


Sorry for the short chapter I have to get my project for school finished and stuff like that and I promise the next chapter will be a lot better this one sucked balls 😂

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