That night


1. best night!

"tonight is going to be the best party ever! Well I atleast hope so" I heard its the biggest party since that one party in The woods with the fireworks and the hot guys and oh wow I remember every moment from that party that was the best night of my life that night was perfect!"

I'm leaving at 10:00 so I will get there at 11:00 it's a long drive so this better be worth it


"Yes! It's finally 8:00 hopefully this night goes well I've planned out my outfit and everything short black top,skinny ripped jeans,combat boots and just for a little colour a red flannel top to tie around my waist agh perfect I say in my head although it looked a bit funny on me. I decided to make it a bit more simple and put on a short pretty party dress with some high top black converse "huh nice I think I like it" I say with a smile.


I walk over to the bathroom and find what I need to do my hair, what should I do straight or curly? "Hmm" I think light wavy curls will do. While I curl my hair I think about impossible scenarios that could happen at the party, maybe I could find "the one" huh nah the guys there are way too out of my league. 9:10! What have I been doing this past hour or something Chloe will be coming to pick me up anytime she still needs to get ready too

DING DONG. "Chloe's here !" I grab my purse and hardly making it out of my room and banging my head on the door frame ...ugh typical .... I slide downstairs open the door and see Chloe wearing an old top trackies and uggs? "Ugh what are you going like that a bit casual don't you think" I say with a giggle "Haha no I'm bringing you back to my place so you can decide with me what I can wear " "oh and don't forget to bring spare clothes your gonna need them you can't stay in a dress all night long" I run upstairs packing some nice but casual clothes my old outfit seemed to be nice so I packed that the black top ripped jeans and the red flannel but instead of the boots I have my converse this is perfect I go back downstairs and see Chloe still there waiting for me and nagging me to hurry up. I get in the car and leave to go to her house.

I finally get to Chloe's and it's almost time to leave for the party so she quickly picks out some clothes she's kind of matching me but she's wearing a short black top short shorts and leopard print vans and to top it off a pretty white flower crown, "wow chlo you look beautiful!"

Chloe blushes as she compliments me back "nah all you maddy"

We finally get going to the party, almost there maybe like 5 mins left so I break the silence and try to make up a conversation with Chloe but she's day dreaming so she doesn't listen we'll it's was worth a try. I think we are close I hear music and teenagers screaming and I think some band is playing but idk

We arrive but we still haven't found a parking it seems like all the spaces are all gone this is gonna take a while.

After what seems like forever we find a parking spot that we barely manage to fit into we step out and stick together at all times this party is HUGE!

We are walking around for a while when something perfect catches my eye something someone oh wow I nudge Chloe and tell her to look at him, Chloe replies "I know who he is hes in my science class his name is Ashton he's really cute and he can play the drums" "hey maddy go talk to him" "no i will make a complete fool out of myself! But I mean it's worth a try"

I slowly walk up to him my hearts pounding out of my chest "umm hi" Ashton replies "hay what's your name?" "Oh um Maddy" I say stuttering "Hello my names Ashton nice to meet you beautiful"

He just called me beautiful I actually think I just died ok gotta act cool.

Ashton's p.o.v

Wow who's this shes gorgeous like I mean she's perfect and what she's wearing is I just... I'm speechless I need to get to know her, do you think she likes me? Well if she didn't like me why would she come over to me? Yes this is a good sign!

"Ashton hello?" "Earth to Ashton are you there" "hey Ashton snap out of it are you ok?!"

"Hey huh what oh I'm sorry I was just and thinking about yo--

Thinking about yogurt yea um yogurt yup I like yogurt"

Maddie chuckles "Oh ash you make me laugh"

"YES! I made her laugh I think to myself, that was the worst cover up ugh yogurt what was I thinking now she probably thinks I'm crazy.

Maddy p.o.v

"OMG I THINK HE LIKES ME" this can't be happening right now Ashton the most perfect human being I've ever seen. And I think likes me I ? But im just wondering what's up with him and yogurt was he trying to cover up something? Well I guess I will never know.

I call Chloe over but I looked over to her and she was talking to a tall blonde guy with a cute lip piercing he looked a bit "punk rock" if I do say so myself I don't want to interrupt her so I go walk around a bit with Ashton.

"So ash, what do you like doing like what are your hobbies?"


I could tell he was nervous I couldn't quite make out what he said all I know that he's a drummer which is cool.

"Oh um that's nice ash" I say with a smile trying to pretend like I knew what he said.

So what do you do maddy? Ash replied

"Oh well nothing much I can play the guitar and sing"

"Oh awesome! Do you want to come see the fireworks with me? Or should we go have some fun and dance!"

Ash grabbed my hand and pulled me over to the dance floor and danced with me for a bit we sang along to music we knew and had the best time ever!

Hold on where's Chloe?

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