Ash is chased down and attacked by a vicious black wolf with evil red eyes. He wakes up in an unfamiliar place with people he's never seen. Will he grow to like these people whom so graciously take him in? Will he be able to work his way up the ranks of werewolves or will his own problems get the best of him?

What happens when you add Marigold Harvey to the equation? Will her betrothal to Lance keep them apart?


2. Too Late

Ash's head ached more than it ever had in all his 17 years of life. A pain radiated from his shoulder and down his spine. He had the craziest dream about a black evil wolf with wild red eyes and a snarling grin like dagger teeth. The image was stitched on the back of his eyelids.

His eyes fluttered open. He took in his new surroundings. Wait, this wasn't his Baseball themed room. No. It was much, much, much worse. He felt like he was in a cell. He tried to sit up but his body wasn't strong enough. He fought back tears. He remembered his father saying that real men don't cry. He had desperately wanted to prove to his father that he was capable of being a man but his father was blind to everything he had tried. Even on his death bed.

Was that wolf actually real? Was that why he was here? The room had a wall that was bars like on those movies about prison. There was one window with bars that was much too high for Ash to reach. He winced, pain override his desire to explore. He was in a hot burning pain. His blood seemed to boil. He let out a pained cry.

Ash attempted to sit up despite the pain. This time he was successful. The walls around him were made from stones and large rooks put together with cement. He was scared. Where the heck was he?

"Hey" said a male voice outside of the cage. "I'm Samual." The man had a scruffy white beard and black short hair. His eyes seemed honest and caring. Could he trust this man? "And you are?"

Ash hesitated longer than necessary. "M-My name is Ash. Ash Hart."

The man nodded and smiled. "You know what happened last night?" The man ask.

Ash glanced down at his shoulder with a thick bandage over it. For some reason or another the veins not covered were black and branched out like a tree onto his bare chest. He then realized all he was wearing were the shorts from yesterday, not his shirt. "Umm... I was attacked by a big wolf." He finally answers.

The mans eyebrows knit together in frustration. "No" he says. "You were bitten by a werewolf."

Ash nearly laughed. This man was crazy. What if he was right though? He had read somewhere that wolves avoided human confrontations, this one didn't. Maybe it was a werewolf? Ash just shook his head. "Impossible"

"Impossible?" Samual mocked. "Really, because I'm one too." Sam's eyes narrowed. With a flash he saw the man hunch over and his back rippled underneath his shirt.

Ash's eyes widened as a grey wolf with a black saddle back marking took the mans place. It had the same chocolate eyes and appeared whiter on the muzzle. Ash slid back against the thin mattress and shuddered. This wasn't possible. Werewolves were just imaginary hot guys that girls Ash's age fantasized about. They weren't real, he tried to tell himself but knew in his heart that they were. Ash was too late. He was bitten and knew enough about them to know what happened next. He would turn into one.

He was too late...

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