Ash is chased down and attacked by a vicious black wolf with evil red eyes. He wakes up in an unfamiliar place with people he's never seen. Will he grow to like these people whom so graciously take him in? Will he be able to work his way up the ranks of werewolves or will his own problems get the best of him?

What happens when you add Marigold Harvey to the equation? Will her betrothal to Lance keep them apart?


8. That Makes 2 of Us

Ash and Marigold walk down the trail and into the woods. The scent of pine and maple fill Ash's nose. He breaths in and out savoring his new found werewolf sense of smell.

Ash wasn't sure what a Beta was exactly but he knew it was higher ranked than an Omega. He was semi curious about who died but as quick as the thought entered his mind it was gone.

Marri walked at an inhuman speed which Ash didn't have a problem keeping up with. He actually liked being a werewolf.

The thought of his mother sent an arrow through Ash's heart. She would be worried, wouldn't she? Would she drink herself away like she always did? Ash frowned.

"We're here!" Exclaimed Marri as she whipped around to face Ash. Ash hid his emotion behind a fake smile. "Remember you are not yet a Beta so act polite and don't speak until spoken to."

Behind Gold was a monster of a house. It was big and grand with tall windows and the attention to detail was exquisite. Ash gasped. That was nearly a castle!

"Whoa..." He whispered under his breath.

Marigold smiled. "C'mon follow me!" She whipped back around and walked to the front of the house. Massive double doors towered over Ash with big brass knockers that hung from a golden wolf head. Marri reached up to grab one knocker but the door opened first.

She dropped her hand and squared her shoulders. A man with a dark mustache and neatly groomed black hair held the door open. He wore a black tux and black pants. A bow tie was fixed just below his chin. "Sebastian." Marri nodded. The man nodded back as we walked past.

The room was massive with two black leather chairs in front of a tall grand elevated oak chair. The big chair was padded with fine navy blue cloth. Almost like a doll, a slender boy a few years older than Ash sat tall with his legs crossed. He wore a white button up shirt with a tuxedo jacket over it. He had short dark hair and black watchful eyes. Eyes like coal. Ash was quick to jump to an opinion about him. He didn't like him.

"Please take a seat." The boy said and gestured to the black leather chairs. If a snake could talk this is what Ash imagined they would sound like. "I heard about you Ash Hart. A white wolf. Bitten by a Rogue but allowed in the pack. How peculiar. And Goldy locks here has seemed take you under her wing." The boy narrowed his eyes. Ash returned the same gesture.

Marri pulled at Ash's wrist and walked him to the chairs. Together they sat down facing the boy who acted like a king.

Marri crossed her legs and glared at the boy. "Lance." She says.

So that was Lance? Ash was right. He didn't like him and sure as hell wasn't going to be submissive. Ash sat taller and gripped the arm rest until his black claws protruded from his fingertips and pierced the elegant leather.

Lance frowned. "I actually like those chairs." He says in a flat tone.

Ash smiles and loosens his grip. He hadn't a clue how Marri was going to tolerate him as a mate. Lance got on Ash's bad side and they barely knew each other. Sure Ash is short tempered but this guy made his blood boil. "Sorry," ash chokes out.

Lance smiles. "So I hear you are interested in a Beta position?" Lance tilts his head awaiting his answer.

Ash nods.

Lance closed his eyes as if to think and when he opened them his eyes hid a devious smile. "What's so bad about Omega?" He asked.

Ash thought silently. What was bad about Omega? Oh yeah, the submissive part. Ash shrugged knowing that's not what Lance wanted to hear.

Lance's expression hardened. "Answer me!" He demanded.

Ash saw Marri flinch from the corner of his eye. Now his done it. "Submission. I don't like to be told what to do." Ash say with a too firm voice.

Lance sits back in his massive chair and smirks. "That makes two of us." He says. "I tell you what, how about I approve of that position if you turn right now into your wolf form. I want to see your coat. It's been a while since I've seen a white furred wolf. The color is rare with werewolves and I'm curious if it's pure white." He leans back in his chair and awaits for Ash's response for his proposition.

Why was he so curious to see his coat? Ash pondered Lance's request. It didn't seem bad, but what if there is something between the lines on this one. Ash could feel Marigold's eyes on him. Would she approve. He looked to her for the answer. Her pale blue eyes met Ash's gold ones. She gave a single nod of approval and that's all Ash needed.

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