Ash is chased down and attacked by a vicious black wolf with evil red eyes. He wakes up in an unfamiliar place with people he's never seen. Will he grow to like these people whom so graciously take him in? Will he be able to work his way up the ranks of werewolves or will his own problems get the best of him?

What happens when you add Marigold Harvey to the equation? Will her betrothal to Lance keep them apart?


1. RUN!

Ash was scared. He couldn't see anything. It was so dark. Re ran and ran. He couldn't see the tree until it hit him. His blonde hair fell over his eyes. Sweat made the strands stick to his face. His eyes widened when he could see the evil red eyes of a monster. It's white teeth were bared and stood out against its black fur.

It seemed to inch forward savoring every once of fear radiating from Ash's body. The boy tried to push his tired body away from the creature. He back into a tree.

He closed his eyes and tried to get his mind of his unavoidable death. He thought about what his life could be like if he wouldn't die now. He made decent grades in school, he could get a good job. Maybe a nice house. A pretty wife and kids. Maybe he could be a professional baseball player he had dreamed about since he was young.

The little voice in his head echoed one powerful word, RUN!

Ash shifted his body and tried to stand. Using the tree for balance he tried to run, despite the fact it was too dark to see if he was going in the right direction.

The creature behind him snarled. Ash didn't look back he tried to run pushing past trees and bushes. He saw a vague light in the distance. Was that what heaven looked like? No, couldn't be, he wasn't dead, was he?

He refused to let thoughts like that plague his mind. He needed to escape and find help. He dodged trees and ran as fast as he could.

The creature behind him growled showing off his hideous dagger like teeth. It's red eyes narrowed as he tried to pin point the direction the boy was going. He sniffed the air. The boy was dripping blog from a cut he had received from a thorny plant. The wolf took off hot on Ash's tail.

When the beast saw the boy he pounced, teeth barred. He knocked the boy to the ground and sunk his teeth into Ash's shoulder.

The boy released the most bloodcurdling scream of pain. He hopelessly tried to pull away from the wolf. Instead the beast bit down harder and thrashed around tearing Ash's flesh more.

Pop. Pop. Pop

Was that gunshots?

Ash's mind raced. Could he be saved? The wolf released it's hold and ran off. Even though the wolf was gone his arm throbbed and oozed red, red blood. It was dark but Ash could see he might actually die tonight.

Ash closed his eyes and drifted off. Perhaps never to wake again.


Please tell me what u think. Should I continue with the story? Comments, questions, ideas, suggestions? I would love to here what u think. It would mean a lot if u liked, faved it, and fanned me. (I fan back)

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