Ash is chased down and attacked by a vicious black wolf with evil red eyes. He wakes up in an unfamiliar place with people he's never seen. Will he grow to like these people whom so graciously take him in? Will he be able to work his way up the ranks of werewolves or will his own problems get the best of him?

What happens when you add Marigold Harvey to the equation? Will her betrothal to Lance keep them apart?


11. Business as Usual

Zachary Harvey led Ash up the steps of a large cabin, the one from Ash's first night as a werewolf. A memory of Marigold leading him down these very steps when he was in wolf form flashed into his mind. A smile played on his lips.

The Alpha knocked on the door. Within a matter of moments the door swung open and there stood a middle aged man with dark greying hair. He had salt and pepper 5 o'clock shadow. His eyes were a piecing green. He smiled when he saw Mr. Harvey and Ash.

He looked Ash up and down. "So this is the kid who's filling ol' Sammy's position?" He asked without shifting his gaze from Ash's eyes.

Zack nods. "Yes, Gregory, this is Ash Hart. He's the new kid."

"Quick to work up the ranks, eh?" He smiles lightheartedly.

Ash smiles back and shrugs. He didn't know what kind of a person this Gregory guy was yet but he was going to find out.

The Alpha clears his throat. "Mr. Gregory will get you up to date on our current matters. I have business to attend to." He says. "Greg you'll find he's quite the character, much like yourself." And with that the Alpha turned and left.

Gregory's smile broadens. "This will be fun!" He exclaims. "Ash, come with me!" Ash follows him into the house. Immediately he is greeted by the scent of maple and the aroma of home cooking. Gregory Leads Ash to a huge rectangular oak table with ten seats. He instructs him to sit on an end.

Ash takes a seat and Gregory takes a seat beside him. "Emma is making pancakes!" He exclaims. Pancakes? Ash thought this was going to be serious Beta business. "We'll fill you in on our current situation over breakfast."

Ash nods in response.

A tall middle aged woman with long straight dark hair and perfectly tanned skin walks in holding a plate of pancakes. Another shorter woman with dark hair that was cropped at the shoulders walks in holding maple syrup and butter. They set the items on the table. Then the my take their seats.

"This is Emma," he gestures to the taller woman. "And this is Gretchen." He gestures to other woman. "Girls, this is Ash, the newest member of our pack. He was recently promoted to Beta."

"Hi," they say in unison.

Emma tilts her head slightly. "You must be pretty awesome to be promoted to Beta so soon." She says. "Eat up! Ben and Axle will be here soon and they eat a lot!" She commands.

Ash wasn't sure what to say so he smiled and nodded.

When Ash was half way done with his pancake two big men walked in. That must be Ben and Axle. One was tall and burly with dark skin. The other was also tall but leaner. He had short cropped brown hair and paler skin.

They took a seat beside the girls. "So everyone's here!" Gregory begins. "Axle will you please fill Ash in?" He asks the dark skinned man.

He nods. "The scent of a rogue was picked up and one of our own was sent to kill it but we found his body in wolf form in the forest. We believe it to be the same werewolf that bit Ash. The boy probably would have been killed if it wasn't for the gunshots fired by Samuel that scared the thing away." He referred to it as a thing? "When a werewolf kills for sport they might as well make a slaughter list and put their name on the top."

The memory of when Ash was bitten flashed into his mind. Was he ready to get his revenge so soon?

"The boy would be our secret weapon!" Gretchen exclaimed. She struck Ash as the quiet type so her outburst surprised him.

Gregory nods and a smile forms on his lips. "A werewolf always feels a bond with their sire and Ash can lead us right to him."

Ash's eyes widened. "You mean I have a bond with the monster that turned me? Like Miley Cyrus and twerking?" He asks.

"Better yet." Greg smiles "like McDonald's and the Big Mac."

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