Ash is chased down and attacked by a vicious black wolf with evil red eyes. He wakes up in an unfamiliar place with people he's never seen. Will he grow to like these people whom so graciously take him in? Will he be able to work his way up the ranks of werewolves or will his own problems get the best of him?

What happens when you add Marigold Harvey to the equation? Will her betrothal to Lance keep them apart?


10. Beta

Ash was awoken by a shoving on the shoulders. He groaned. The shoving continued and was accompanied by a beach dude voice. "C'mon man! You have to wake up, Ash!"

Ash rolled over on his back. "Fine" He groaned. His eyes opened to see Andy leaning over him with his eyebrows knitted together. Andy seemed concerned or even worried. Even though Ash barely knew him he knew this was nothing like the Andy he knew. "W-what's wrong?" Ash asked.

Andy sighed and stood upright. "He's here." He said. He turned around and grabbed something. Then he turned around and flung it at Ash. "The Alpha is here." He said with a completely serious voice. "Get dressed."

Ash bolted upright. "Here? Marigold's dad is here?" Ash frowned. Andy nodded and walked out the door.

Andy had slung clothes on Ash's bed. Black shorts and a black t-shirt. Ash put the clothes on and raked his fingers through his dark blonde hair.

He hurried out the bedroom. In the living room Andy and Freddy were as stiff as statues with no trace of their former selves. Freddy looked up through his dark hair with blonde tips with concern plaguing his eyes. Ash shifted his gaze to a familiar man glancing at his wrist watch. He had light brown hair and focused brown eyes. Zachary Harvey, the Alpha.

The Alpha cut his gaze up to Ash. "Beta." He greeted. "We have work to do." And with that he turned towards the door and walked out with Ash at his heels.

"W-what do we need to do?" Ash asked hesitantly. Did the same rules apply to Zack? Don't speak unless spoken to?

Zachary glanced back at Ash. The corners of his eyes wrinkled. Was he smiling. "My, you are an anxious one!" He laughed. Maybe he wasn't as bad as Lance, the soon-to-be Alpha. "The question is are you worthy of the Beta position?" He grinned. "That will be answered soon."

Zack led Ash back through the trail to the place where he first turned into a wolf. He had painful memories in that place. The cell with rusty bars.

"The position you are filling is that of my best friend, Samuel." Zack said, frowning. Wait a minute, Ash met Samuel! He was the first werewolf Ash had ever seen! The thought that he died sent an unsettling feeling through Ash's body. How did he die?

"Wait, he's dead?" Ash choked out.

Zachary sighed. "Afraid so." He says with sadness in his voice. "He was killed by the werewolf we believe bit you."


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