This is CLEARLY my parody of the twilight saga. If you like it, I can make a story on the rest of Renesmes life story.
Anyway, this is the romance between Edward and Jacob. They are relentless and would die for each other.
This is the love story that doesn't have Bella drama.


1. School

School is hard as the new kid. Real hard. It's hard to make friends on the first day in a NEW high school as a senior. I want to make friends but it's


Oh my god. I nearly got hit by that truck. Who's my rescuer?

"Hi. I'm Edward."

"S'up. Bella"

Why was he pale? Most guys are tan, but this one was fucking creepy. This was kind of awkward. He pushed away a car and now invites me to his table for lunch? Who are you people?

"I can make friends. No"

"I Just thought you might need somebody."

"I'm fine."




So much for my first day at school.

The creepy guy? Well, after hours of bribery, I accepted. Turns out he's a vampire. Who knew?


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