The New Girl

What happens when a girl moves into town and bumps into the only Nash but will it be that easy or will she fall in love but what happens when bad stuff happens in her life when it all falls apart will Nash be the one to pick her up and dust her off or will he have to go to follow his dream or will she go with him read to find out.


11. The News

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Gems POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It's been a week since I babysat Nash's little and a lot happened in that week like Nash asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes. I started a YouTube account and vine account thanks to the help of Nash and I have lots of followers and subscribers already and my twitter account has got bigger too. Things have been going great with Nash but at home that was a different story everything is falling apart my mom and dad have been fighting ALOT and all they seem to do is scream and shout I have been going through depression since I was about 11 and I even self harmed it all seems to be falling apart again Nash knows nothing about it and I don't want to tell him he will just get worried and I don't want him to worry I was pulled out of my thoughts by my phone ringing it was

( G= gem / N= Nash)

N: hey baby I got some news can you come over please

G: umm sure but I have to get ready and all

N: ya that's ok take your time I'll see you later

G: ok see you

I got dressed did my makeup and put hair in a high pony when I was done I grabbed my phone and went down stairs passing my mom and dad fighting I rolled my eyes and walked out slamming the door and I walked over to Nash's house I knocked on the door and I got pulled into a big hug I hugged back when I pulled away to see Nash's mom she knew what happing at home and she knew I didn't want Nash to know because he would be worried about him she smiled at be I tried my best to smile back the I heard Nash coming down stairs he ran and picked my up spinning me around I giggled I felt happy I could smile and not have to fake it he took me up stairs and sat me down on the bed

Nash: so gem as you know I have some news

Gem: ya what's up

Nash: we'll me and the boys are going on tour isn't that amazing

Gem: what your going on tour

Nash: ya are you ok gem you don't look to good

Gem: umm ya I just feel a bit sick can I you's your bathroom

Nash: uh ya sure It's the last door on the right

I got up to only feel the room spinning around me I heard Nash scream my name and then it all went black

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Nash's POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I told gem the news about tour I was so happy but she looked like she was going to puke she turned very pale she asked me could she use the the bathroom I told her were to go she got up and she just collapses I screamed her name and started to shack her trying to get her to wake her up my mom came bursting through the door she called an ambulance tears were streaming down my face mom tried to conferred me but it wasn't working the ambulance came and took her away they let me go with her I held her hand the hole way when we got there they took her into a room and told me to wait in the waiting room I sat there balling crying until my mom came

Mom: did they say anything hunny

Nash: no mom they told me to sit here and wait mom what's wrong with her will she be ok I never told her about she is allowed to come with me on tour

Mom: I don't know hunny and I am sure she'll be fine don't worry

Doctor: who is here for Gemma

Nash:me is she ok

Doctor : um we'll she is in a coma because she hit her head were still not sure why she collapsed but don't worry we will find out do you know if she was stressed or upset in any way

Mom: we'll she is going through a heard time at home

Doctor: ok thank you we will let you know if anything changes and you can visit her now her room is 204

Nash: thank you

I ran down the hall to find her room 200 ..... 201 ...... 202 ...... 203 ... 204 There it is I took a deep breath and went in I saw her laying looking lifeless on Bed I cried even harder I walked up to her and held her hand and her heart monitor skipped a beat I let out a little chuckle and kissed her lips and there it was again skipping a beat I smiled and looked at her she is so beautiful I sighed

Nash: hey baby it's me why didn't you tell me you were going through a bad time at home I could of helped you out even if meant making you smile or making a fool out of my self I would do it in a heart beat just to see that beautiful smile of yours I never got to tell you the best part you get to come with me on tour please baby wake up please I need you and I know it's a bit early but I need to tell you something i love you gem

I was crying like there was no tomorrow I felt her move her fingers no it was just in my head she did it again I looked at her and her eyes fluttered open her blue eyes looking into mine she smile and I smiled back

Gem: Nash I love you to

She said her Voice was all cracked I kissed her and the heart monitor skipped a beat again I pulled away and she blushed and looked down

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