The New Girl

What happens when a girl moves into town and bumps into the only Nash but will it be that easy or will she fall in love but what happens when bad stuff happens in her life when it all falls apart will Nash be the one to pick her up and dust her off or will he have to go to follow his dream or will she go with him read to find out.


2. the new house

We got off the plane and got our bags and we were off to the new house I am so happy we moved I hated our old place. It was a long drive to the house so I put on my earphones and listened to some one direction l love them I was just about to fall asleep when my mom said we were here I got out of the car and looked at the house it was a biggish sized house I looked around the street I saw a boy about my age skating down the path he had black hair and blue eyes like mine he smiled and me and I smiled back and he went into the house next door my mam said I could go pick my room now so I ran upstairs and looked in all he rooms until I found the perfect one it was huge it had a walk in closet and I had my own bathroom yes plus a Quinn sized bed I jumped on the bed and laid down until my mom called saying to get my boxes for my room I ran down and tried to lift the boxes which took me about and hour to get up now I have to set everything up ugh I hate this part

~~~~~~~*skip getting room ready*~~~~~~~~~~~

When I was done I got into a shower when I was done i looked at the time it was only 12:00pm so I put on my pjs and got into bed and fell asleep

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~when I woke up ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock I got up and got dressed then went into my bathroom did my stuff in there when I was done my stuff I washed my hands and brushed my teeth after that I did my hair and makeup

Mom: hunny come down for your breakfast

Me: ok mom I'll be down now

I went down stairs to see my mom cooking I guess it's breakfast I just grabbed an apple and told my mom I was going on a skate she said ok so I grabbed money and my bored and left

~~~~~~~~~~~~*Nash's POV*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I got up had a shower got dressed and went down stairs to get something to eat I walked into the kitchen to see my mom making breakfast I just grabbed an apple and sat down

Mom: good morning sweetie

Me: morning mom

Mom: so I was talking to the woman who just moved in next door and she has a daughter your age and she showed me a picture she is really pretty and she is looking for a babysitting job

Me: we're are you going with this mom and ya I think I saw her yesterday when I was coming home

Mom: we'll I might get her to look after your sister some times and I donno maybe you to could be friends or more

Me: mmmmoooooommmmm stop trying to set me up I told you I don't want a girlfriend she might only want to be with me because of vine

Mom: I don't know hunny her mom said she doesn't even know what vine is and the only people she really likes is one direction look just talk to her and see if you like her

Me: ok I will I am just going for a skate around to clear my head bye mom

Mom: bye have fun

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