The New Girl

What happens when a girl moves into town and bumps into the only Nash but will it be that easy or will she fall in love but what happens when bad stuff happens in her life when it all falls apart will Nash be the one to pick her up and dust her off or will he have to go to follow his dream or will she go with him read to find out.


12. The Hospital

~~~~~~~~~~~~Gem's POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I was in black I treys to open my eyes but it wouldn't happen I felt some one grab my hand my heart skipped a beat the person let out a little chuckle then kissed me on the lips my heart skipped a beat again he start talking and I knew it was Nash

Nash: hey baby it's me why didn't you tell me you were going through a bad time at home I could of helped you out even if meant making you smile or making a fool out of my self I would do it in a heart beat just to see that beautiful smile of yours I never got to tell you the best part you get to come with me on tour please baby wake up please I need you and I know it's a bit early but I need to tell you something i love you gem

He stared to cry I knew I had to wake up I tried so hard but nothing was working I tried one last time to move my fingers and I did yes I did it again them my eyes shot open and that's when I saw him I tried to talk my voice was all cracked but I needed to tell him I love him too

Gem: Nash I love you too

He kissed me and yet again my heart skipped a beat he pulled away and smiled I blushed and looked down he pulled my head up and looked me straight in the eyes there was sadness mix with worry mixed with happiness

Nash: babe why didn't you tell me about what was happing at home

Gem: w-what h-ow do you know about that

Nash: the doctor asked if you were stressed or upset in any way and my mom told him you were having problems at home so why didn't you tell me Gemma I would of helped you

Gem: I know Nash I am so sorry I just didn't want you worry about me

Nash: of course I would worry I just want you to be happy please babe if you have a problem just come to me and we will help you out ok

He wrapped me in a hug and I nodded that when the do other came in also with Nash's mom she smiled at me I smiled back the doctor asked to see me alone Nash looked a bit worried I just nodded and Nash and his mom left the doctor looked me and gave me a sad smile

Doctor: so Gemma how are you feeling

Gem: I am feeling better just a bit of a headache

Doc: we'll that's good but Gemma I read through your files and it seams that you suffer from depression is that right

gem: we'll I used to but I got over it

Doc: we'll it seems like your going back into it so I will put you on some anti depressions you have to take them twice a day and if your having a really bad day three times a day is that ok

Gem: umm ya sure

Doc: is that your boyfriend out there

Gem: ya he is and that's his mom

Doc: we'll Gemma it looks like you too are really in love

Gem; ya I guess we are

Doc: good don't let him go I just know you'll be together forever

Gem: thanks doc

Doc: no problem and don't to forget to invite me to the wedding

Gem: ok haha

He walked out of the room I smiled thinking about me and Nash Getting married I didn't even notice Nash and his mom walking into the room

Gem: so do I get to go home

Nash's mom: yes sweetheart you just have to get ready I called your mom she is filling out the papers now

Gem; thanks Mrs Grier

Nash's mom: no problem we will be out side while you get ready

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