The New Girl

What happens when a girl moves into town and bumps into the only Nash but will it be that easy or will she fall in love but what happens when bad stuff happens in her life when it all falls apart will Nash be the one to pick her up and dust her off or will he have to go to follow his dream or will she go with him read to find out.


4. That Night

~~~~~~~~~~~~Gemma's POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Nash said good night to me and went home with his mom I was so embarrassed about what happened my mom looked at me and gave me a big hug she knew that Nash was the first guy that I kissed I was so happy we went into the kitchen and I told here everything about what happened

I went upstairs to my room I just sat on the bed looking around the room I noticed I had a window I looked out and saw Nash's house but a room with a window facing mine I was about to look away when I noticed Nash walk into the room he saw me a ran over to the window and pulled it open I did the same he smiled at me and I smiled back

Nash : hey babe it looks like you have the room facing mine

Gemma: hi and ya I Guess I do

Nash: great now we can talk when ever we want to I mean if you want to you don't have-

Gemma: do I have to go over and shut you up again like I did on earlier

Nash: I would love that but I think it a bit late for that maybe tomorrow you can . He said with a smirk

Gemma: oh shut up . I rolled my eyes

Nash: we'll I think you should get some sleep it getting late i don't want you to be tired tomorrow

Gemma: why what's tomorrow

Nash: your first day of school silly my mom said your going to the same school as me so I'll give you a lift and collect you

Gemma: ok night Nash . I blew him a kiss

Nash: night beautiful oh and don't forget to close your curtains you forgot last night . He pretend to catch it and put it in his heart I rolled my eyes again and shut the window and the curtains and fell into bed and went straight to sleep

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