The New Girl

What happens when a girl moves into town and bumps into the only Nash but will it be that easy or will she fall in love but what happens when bad stuff happens in her life when it all falls apart will Nash be the one to pick her up and dust her off or will he have to go to follow his dream or will she go with him read to find out.


13. leaving the hospital

Gemma's POV

I walked out of the room and Nash gave me a hug and spun me around I giggled as he put me down we were leaving I got the pills I have to take we left the hospital and got into the car I sat in the back with Nash he had one of his hands on my thigh I felt loved like everything was ok I looked up at him and I smiled and he kissed me the car stopped and we got out and went into Nash's house and sat on the couch I put my head on Nash's lap and fell asleep

Few hours later

I woke up in a bed which was not my own I looked around and saw Nash sleeping on the floor I sat up he stirred and looked up and smiled I pulled him up to me and he wrapped his arms around my waist and we watched films and ate food it was the best day ever I fell asleep with Nash beside me I could get used to this

( A/N sorry it short it's just a filler it will get better I swear like , comment and fav please also tell me what you think 😄)

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