The New Girl

What happens when a girl moves into town and bumps into the only Nash but will it be that easy or will she fall in love but what happens when bad stuff happens in her life when it all falls apart will Nash be the one to pick her up and dust her off or will he have to go to follow his dream or will she go with him read to find out.


8. first day of school (part2)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Nash's POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

*lunch Time*

Thank god it's lunch the guys liked gem and she liked them I new they would get along but I see the way Taylor looks at her and I don't like it he is one of my best friends but he is also a big player I know he will break her heart like he does all the girls he dates so I am going to warn all the boys not to touch her that she is mine and only mine as I walked up to the table I saw them all laughing about something I sat beside gem and kissed her cheek just as a clue to the boys

Me: hey guys what up

Gem: hi Nash you missed it Taylor went to hit on some girl and she slapped him in the face

Nash:*chuckle* that's not the first time

Gem laughed a bit and said she had to use the restroom so she left this is a great time to talk to the boys

Nash: boys listen up I really like gem so no one is to go near her ok I mean it Taylor

Taylor: hey why m- ok ok I won't she's all yours but she really is nice looking I mean look at her chest her boobs are huge

I rolled my eyes and saw the boys agreeing about gems big chest I rolled my eyes again and started to eat until gem came back I put my arms around her waist she blushed and looked down and to make it worst all the boys wolf whistled at her making her blush even more

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