The Hero Chronicles: Character Profiles

The New Generation of The Hero Chronicles: These are the Character Profiles of the Heroes, Villains and everything in between who will be appearing in the Hero Chronicles books. Let me know your favourites, and feel free to make suggestions for new characters.


13. Ombraspada


Real Name: Dante (Surname Unknown)


Location: Originally Italy - Travels Around the World


Allegiance: Mercenary; Neutral


Powers/Abilities: Augment; Enhanced Strength; Fast Reflexes; Agile; Keen Eyesight; Good Contacts


Equipment: Assortment of Weaponry, Including Rifles, Bows, Swords, Pistols, etc; Bulletproof Armour with Cybernetic Relay System


Aims: Make Money; Achieve Global Recognition; Avenge His Family’s Death


Fears: Failure


Bio: Dante is the top mercenary in Europe, and is making his way up the metaphorical ladder in other continents. However, he has an unfortunate past.
Years ago his wife and son were murdered before his eyes by fanatic followers of an East African Dictator known as Warlord, who Dante (under the moniker of ‘Ombraspada’) had been hired to kill.
His attack on the Dictator became his first failure in his entire career.
Following his family’s death, seeking to avenge them, Dante went to ‘Genesis Incorporated’, using money gained from his considerable experience to pay for advanced ‘Augmentations’.
Due to his desire to avenge his wife he appears to fear nothing but the failure to do so. This makes him more dangerous than most other mercenaries in the world.
And of Ombraspada’s many traits, his patience is one that cannot be missed: he will avenge his wife, no matter how long it takes.

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