The Hero Chronicles: Character Profiles

The New Generation of The Hero Chronicles: These are the Character Profiles of the Heroes, Villains and everything in between who will be appearing in the Hero Chronicles books. Let me know your favourites, and feel free to make suggestions for new characters.


23. Kataness


Real Name: Jean Frost

Location: London, UK

Allegiance: Villain

Powers/Abilities: Martial Prowess; Good Reflexes; Agile

Equipment: Katanas; Throwing Knives

Aims: Collect Katanas; Avoid Prosecution; Remain With ‘Red Fox’

Fears: Losing ‘Red Fox’; Losing Her Katanas

Bio: Jean Frost developed an obsession with the Japanese Samurai at an early point in her life, and when she was 18 she got her first Katana, and soon wanted more.
Coming from a wealthy family, Jean was able to amass a considerable collection.
At the age of 25 her family suddenly went bankrupt, falling victim to the corrupt banks of Shadewind. Jean ran away, taking her Katana collection with her. She ended up in Japan, selling some of her lesser Katanas to get there. She trained with old masters in the ancient ways of the Samurai, and eventually trained with a clan of ninjas for a time.
When she returned to the UK she decided it was time to rebuild her collection; lacking money she took to stealing. During one such theft she ended up having to kill, and found she had no qualms about doing so. Now daring to go further to collect Katanas, Jean soon had a price on her head.
The mercenary known as ‘Red Fox’ was sent to kill her, but the two ended up teaming up against a private security force that attempted to kill the both of them. A bond formed between them and they teamed up a number of times before the two confessed they had feelings for each other.
They later formed a romantic partnership.

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