The Hero Chronicles: Character Profiles

The New Generation of The Hero Chronicles: These are the Character Profiles of the Heroes, Villains and everything in between who will be appearing in the Hero Chronicles books. Let me know your favourites, and feel free to make suggestions for new characters.


6. Cybus


Real Name: Unknown


Location: Shadewind, UK


Allegiance: Shadewind Criminal Underworld; ‘Nano Gang’; Villain


Powers/Abilities: Cybernetic Body; Superior Intellect; Bulletproof; Well-Placed; Skilled Combatant; Strong; Flight; Police Immunity


Equipment: Cybernetic Exoskeleton; Jetpack; Hacking Device; Customised Shotguns


Aims: Please The Boss; Hack the Military; Achieve Transcendence


Fears: Be Hacked; Failure; Water; Computer Viruses


Bio: Cybus has only ever been known as The Boss’s right-hand-man and leader of the ‘Nano Gang’.
He appears to be a cybernetic organism, yet in some places skin seems to show through, which appears both pale and human.
He rarely shows himself unless a job requires his hacking expertise, and even then he prefers not to get too involved. Despite this, Cybus is a skilled fighter.
He is rather paranoid, however, often afraid of leaving his ‘base’ in case he fails to please The Boss or gets himself infected with a computer virus (a considerable risk for a cybernetic organism that hacks computer systems).
His cybernetic body does not appear to be immune to water, either, perhaps being the reason why Cybus wishes to escape his body and enter the computer systems of the world.

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