The Hero Chronicles: Character Profiles

The New Generation of The Hero Chronicles: These are the Character Profiles of the Heroes, Villains and everything in between who will be appearing in the Hero Chronicles books. Let me know your favourites, and feel free to make suggestions for new characters.


1. Introduction to This Movella

"The Hero Chronicles is a series of stories based in a world where superheroes and supervillains are perfectly real.

When it's not always clear who's a good guy and who's a bad guy, and a new superpowered individual could show up at any time, loyalties are tested every day.

As things escalate in the world of the Hero Chronicles the presence of these beings becomes harder and harder to hide.

And behind the existence of superpowered individuals stands 'Genesis Incorporated': a company seeking to jump-start the next stage of human evolution."

Welcome to the new series of "The Hero Chronicles".

This "book" serves as your tool to identifying the characters of this parallel Earth: Heroes, Villains and everyone in between.

Those of you who know the old series may notice that certain characters have undergone drastic changes, whilst others have disappeared*. If there are any that you want to make a return make sure to let me know.

Also, as always, I am open to character suggestions, though I would like to warn you that not all suggestions will be added.

I hope you enjoy the new series.

If you never saw the old series, the four Movellas from the "First Edition" can be found on my profile.

Thank you.

*There are two reasons why characters may have disappeared.
1: I have not got round to recreating them yet.
2: I do not plan to recreate them, as I no longer like them.
Of course, my opinion is not the only one that matters, so, as said above, if you want to see a character from the old series make a reappearance, let me know

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