Luke's Love

12 months prior to his engagement, Luke found himself in a moment of utter disbelief...


1. Luke's Love

12 months prior to his engagement, Luke found himself in a moment of utter disbelief. He had the decision to follow the love of his life, a woman he had known since the age of 2 to Australia or to stay in Britain, his home and have nothing ever happen between the two of them. He wanted to go, he truly did. She was the love of his life and she knew that, they'd spent the last days before she left kissing and talking about their sudden fall into love. She knew he loved her, and he knew she loved him, but there was something holding him back. The notion of moving to a different country put him off. He couldn't believe that she of all people would give him the option to follow her, knowing his thoughts about sudden change. He wasn't one of those romantics. He loved her, yes. More than he would ever love another. More than humanly possible. But he wasn't ever one of those men who would jump on a last minute flight to chase after the 'perfect woman', in his eyes.


Having been friends for years on end meant they thought nothing would ever happen between them. It was inevitable, everyone else knew that. It just never occurred to them that either of them would act on it. It was fairly sudden, in Luke's recollection. She'd always been beautiful to Luke, stunning in every way possible, but ever since that day. That one day, everything had changed. She suddenly seemed like more than a sister. She suddenly seemed even more stunning than he had ever imagined her. To him, it suddenly felt like something could happen and he would feel great ruining their friendship and making a new, exciting romantic relationship. At first it seemed odd, they'd been as close as anything, but as soon as he started playing with the notion of the two of them getting together and being happy in a committed relationship, it seemed like that was all he'd ever wanted.


But now he regretted not going. Not chasing after her. Maybe he wouldn't have had to move. Maybe he'd just have gone occasionally and they'd have done it long distance. Maybe if he had followed her, they'd have been married by now. Maybe he could've convinced her to stay. If he'd just had told her he loved her. No matter whether she knew or not, he should've told her.  Not just suggested or said 'you know and I know'. He should have told her. Anywhere at any time, it shouldn't have mattered. He should've told her.


Maybe if he had, he wouldn't be here now. At her funeral with a fiancée he knows he can never love as much as he loved her. Maybe if he'd followed her, he could've helped her. Maybe if he'd have gone, she would've told him about her disease. Maybe she wouldn't have died alone. Maybe, just maybe, he wouldn't have had to be here now, staring down at her limp, lifeless body. Being forced to say goodbye. With no closure. With everyone except for her. With all this love he should've shared with her and told her about.


Maybe, just maybe, he wouldn't have to face this without his one true love, his best friend.



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