Factory Girl

Emma is a party/Burlesque dancer in New York City. What happens when this broken girls meets the famous boy band in a place she never expected...?


1. Follow Me Down


I toss and turn in my warm bed. My head is spinning from last night's party. My eyes flutter and I look around the room. This is not my house. As my mind becomes clearer, I start to remember:


''Hey Laney!'' I screech '' It's time to have a parteyyy.'' I chuckle my mind kind of swirling. ''You must be really drunk to call your boss by her nickname.'' She laughs loudly. '' But...but I thought you liked it when I call you that.'' I shrug and we jump around to the house hosting the event.

Since Laney got us the job as main entertainment, we had to be all dressed up in our Burlesque outfits from work. I'm wearing a very short dress made only of diamonds and pearls.The building was packed, it would be the first time that I  would perform in front of an as big of crowd. In the first song, I would be singing alone. I was nervous, but I went to the front of the stage and sang Tough Lover ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdG_unQ_kOY&list=PLB2F2665EE52D1DFF&index=2 )

During the intermission, I go to the bar to get a few refills while Fancy by Iggy Azalea is playing and everyone is grinding. ''One vodka soda please'' I ask the barman.'' Could I have the same as the lovely lady here'' A very hot man as he winks at me. He turns around '' By the way my name is Harry, Harry Styles.'' he says and we start talking.

Drink after drink my conscience becomes less and less present. ''Do you want to dance?'' he ask in a rusty voice. ''Of course I do!'' I say in a slurry voice.

We head to the dance floor and I start to move my hips. Harry comes closer and puts his hands on my waist, slowly bringing them down and I put my hands around his neck. He kisses my neck leaving very visible hickyes and turning me so my back is facing him. Harry pulls me closer and we start to grind but one thing he didn't know is that I could actually dance. Suddenly I move my hips faster and turn around to kiss him passionately.  Obviously surprised by my bold move, he manages to whisper '' Damn you're confident doll''. ''I know big boy...'' I wink at him and then leave the dance floor with him following me like a lost pup. When we arrive at his place, he takes off his shirt and the everything goes black.

*End of Flashback*

''Oh no...not again'' I think and put my hands on my mouth to cover my sobs.

Just as I get up and get dressed, a strange man comes in. His brown curls are messed up and his green romantic eyes gleam in the darkness.

''Hello gorgeous'' he says. '' Did you enjoy last night Emma?'' he winks at me.

''I think I'm going to puke...'' I sneer in between my teeth.

I run into his bathroom and  look at my reflection. My neck is covered with suction kisses  I open the window to sneak out. The streets were wet and cold. I felt a few cuts on my bare feet. ''What the...'' I screamed. There was glass all over the floor and some got into my skin. I few guys pass and whistle in my direction so I give them my finger of honor.

''Hey, hey babe. No need to be feisty, we won't do you any harm..'' the tallest one says in a low and sexy voice. I run even thought my body feels is limp and my muscles are tense and sore. I turn around and see that the boys start to jog behind me. I scream and scream for help but every child and adult just stare at me or laugh at me.


As I reach my porch, I start to cry and cuss loudly. The stress starts to become overwhelming so I take a ciggy out of my pocket. The first puff makes me cough a little, but after my breaths become a little more even.

''Why do I do this to myself...'' I whisper. ''Well you look like hell, love'' a stranger chuckled.

I spin around stunned and see boy. He looks around my age and has jet black short hair.

''Eum excuse me...? Do I look like I care?'' I cried and sniffled wiping my tears with the back of my hand. ''Actually you kind of do.'' he smiles and laughs showing me his beautiful white teeth.

''Who do you thinks YOU are to tell me what I want and don't want ?!'' I spit on him, well almost. He just laughs. An honest and powerful laugh that would make anyone happy just to hear it. It only made me want to run because I could see the devilish grin on his face. ''My name is Zayn, by the way. And you are...?''he asked me in a calm and soothing voice. ''I-I'm Emma.'' I mumble in a low voice. ''THE Emma'' he asks with a Cheshire cat smile. I laugh so hard, I almost fall on the ground. ''Haha I guess, anyways nice meeting you...'' I smile and start heading to the door. ''Wait, when will I see you again'' he asks looking distressed. ''Humm, here is my number'' I say as I'm giving it to him.


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